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Bean Box graciously provided me with freshly roasted coffee beans to review. What is Bean Box well, basically it’s coffee in a whole bean form. Coffee, what could I possibly say about COFFEE? Everything! I am an avid coffee fan of all types from light, medium and dark roast and from the whole bean, ground to k-cups. It can come frozen, iced, or doubled shot with foam on the top and I will drink it. I LOVE coffee in every form and will drink it throughout my day. It can be caffeinated or decaffeinated it that does not matter to me. What matters to me mostly is the aroma and taste.



I cannot express how excited I was to receive a few boxes from Bean Box. Within this little treasure box I pulled out four bags of freshly roasted beans and a piece of chocolate. The aroma seeped though the unopened bag and my stomach instantly growled, no joke! I quickly ripped the package open to grind the beans. As I am partial to bold coffee’s I used the whole bag of beans for your average 12 cup pot of coffee. I also noticed that each bag of beans has the maker of the coffee and what flavors were roasted into the bean. Each bag also has a small note from Bean Box on the label with a quote or some kind and I really enjoyed reading everything on the bag while the pot was brewing. When you get your Bean Box you’ll notice on the back of every bag there is a date on them and that date is the day the beans were roasted. I can honestly say I never had a fresh roasted coffee bean before. So, I ate one and it was very tasteful, but I do prefer those covered in chocolate. Now since these beans are freshly roasted once you break the seal the coffee will be in its prime for six to ten days. If you cannot use your beans within that time from breaking the seal it is okay I have a way to help seal that flavor in. It is much simpler than you might think. Freeze them! By Freezing your coffee beans you are locking in the flavors and more or less stopping the aging of the bean. I do recommend they only be froze once because once your beans become warm or at room temperature they can condensate. If you plan to utilize your beans quickly then store them in a dark place at room temperature. By doing this it allows you to enjoy all the flavors of that bean and not lose its potency. I have tried almost all of the bags besides two and I have also found two favorites so far. To me they all tasted great and some even without sugar and cream. Always taste the coffee before adding extra flavors because you never know what you might be covering up.



I truly enjoyed trying these new coffee’s and highly recommend the Bean Box for all coffee lover’s. Coffee is a way to my heart and soothes my soul. The monthly subscription is a great price and if you like what you get you can order the certain brand that you like in a bigger bag. Send them even as a gift or subscribe to get a box for yourself. Here is an image of the bags of beans I got to try. Four bags come in the Bean Box. They are also offering a free trial of Bean Box too.  The first month of Bean Box is free if you sign up HERE. Hurry while the FREE trials lasts!

Bean Box Roasters


What’s in the box?

  • 4 totally unique coffee roasts each month
  • Shipped FRESH within 1-2 days of roasting
  • Roaster profiles, tasting notes & brew guide
  • Each box makes about 16 cups of coffee
  • Cancel your subscription anytime
  • FREE shipping in the United States
Whole bean coffee • 4 bags x 1.8 ounces each • 7.2 ounces total per boxScreenHunter_448 Mar. 07 11.31

More information about Bean Box:

Our Story

Our mission is to bring warm, caffeinated joy, the occasional surprise, and the best artisan coffee experience available to our customers with every Bean Box delivery.

Seattle is the epicenter for locally-roasted, authentic coffee. You can’t go a mile without finding a coffee shop that treats a cup of coffee like a form of art. The presentation, aroma, and taste combine to create a unique experience worth sharing (okay, addiction!). Living in Seattle for 28 years, we’ve enjoyed our fair share of amazing coffee, and we found ourselves buying our favorite coffee to ship to friends and family as gifts. This sparked an idea. Why not make it easy for everyone to experience the never-ending variety of Seattle’s most revered coffee shops and roasters? The Bean Box was born.

Our Team

Our team is committed to delivering a world class customer experience and pushing the boundaries of what a truly innovative coffee delivery experience can be.

Our Products

We are proud to showcase Seattle’s world-renowned independent roasters and their freshly-roasted beans.

Bean Box Subscription
Get monthly coffee deliveries from Seattle’s premier coffee artists. Experience the best coffee from the city known for its coffee obsession.

Guaranteed Fresh

We are located within a few miles of all the top Seattle roasters. This allows us to ship your Bean Box within 48 hours of roasting.
When it comes to a great coffee experience, the difference between fresh and a few weeks old is everything.

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Bean Box Giveaway

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Get monthly coffee deliveries from Seattle’s premier coffee roasters. Experience gourmet coffee from the city known for its coffee obsession.

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Cross Country Cafe Review

Cross Country Cafe has a huge selection of Keurig Kcup coffee at rock bottom prices!

I recently had a great opportunity to review Cross Country Cafe and get a box of coffee. If you know me I am a coffee fanatic and I believe there is no wrong time to have a cup off coffee. I love whole bean, ground, and K-cup, a mocha from Starbucks to even a gas station cappuccino. Okay what is great about this site is they Offer a huge variety of coffee like  K-Cup Portion Packs, Coffee Pods, Ground/ Whole Bean Coffee, Flavored Coffee, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Espresso, Decaffeinated, Flavored coffee! This is like Coffee Utopia “voices singing in the background” not only do they have a huge selection of Joe they also sell coffee brewers as well. So here is the fun part the coffee sold here are not the tiny dinky boxes you get elsewhere these are the big boxes and big bags and they are really cheap too! They also have a clearance section on some of their coffee which I have not seen on any other sites and not to mention you can make your own sample pack of K-cups. This seriously is your one stop shop for the ultimate coffee lover and for the tea folks they have all that as well. So While I swim in the land of milk and honey..well coffee go check them out and never pay full price for a cup of coffee or tea again their prices are guaranteed the lowest price.


Don’t forget shipping is always free when you spend $59.00 or more!

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