Tax ReFUNd Saving with Samsung at Walmart

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Start saving with Samsung at Walmart your tax refund! Walmart seems to be the place to go for all your household needs these days. Whether it be for groceries, toiletries, clothes and to get your car serviced plus much more. Now they have banks, hair salon, sandwich shops in there too. I was just in there today shopping for my groceries and noticed there were tax booths set up. I had almost forgotten about tax season is on us whether we like it or not. So after the taxes arrived and bills are paid we had a little extra play money. Walmart already has tons of great deals every day in store and online, but only thing I think of something fun for us is in the electronic section. After all the “FUN” is in tax reFUNd. Our go to brand is Samsung products and always has been because they have something for all of us big or small.

My husband works hard all year long so any extra money that is left he makes sure he buys something fun for him. So my husband wants a new Samsung TV for our bedroom with some nice home audio system to match for some extra boom with sports games and action movies. Our room is so big that he uses part of it is like his man cave. Luckily they are having some great rollbacks on a lot of their TV’s because he wants to bump our 40″ to the Samsung 60″ Class 4K Ultra HD 2160p 60Hz LED Smart HDTV (4K x 2K). Since this one is a smart TV it has built-in WiFi, Web browser and Internet apps. He also wants home audio system Samsung Sound Bar 2.1ch 130W Wireless Subwoofer to go with it too. I am just happy it is wireless and connects by Bluetooth and features TVSoundConnect to make it easy to set up with just one push of a button. I am tired of all the wires from the last TV and no need to look for the lost remote because it has a Samsung Audio Remote App that he can control right from his phone. Now he will have that big booming cinematic sound and all under a thousand dollars. Well then if he gets to have that, then that means all of us get something new too right? Not to sound selfish, but we moms do a lot of work too. I work part-time in the school district and blog plus tend to the house and family. We are a team and that being said everyone gets a little something tech on this tax season.



Smart phones are great for when your kids reach that certain age were you think they might just be ready to own their very own phone. My daughter is looking into getting herself a new phone. Since she just turned 16 and learning how to drive and is becoming miss little independent. So, we figured she can go a little further on her own by getting her very own phone plan at Walmart. She can pick out the phone she likes best and then choose which carrier works best for her. She can choose a no-contract phone and prepaid plan like the Samsung J1 by Verizon or Galaxy S7 through Straight Talk or the Samsung Galaxy Express Prime GoPhone from AT&T. She is already on our plan and I love her ambition to get out and try to make things happen for herself. As of now she chose the prepaid plan she wanted in which I feel she made the smart move since she is still learning her way.

As for our boys it seems like the Samsung Galaxy Tab E-9.6.  It is nice for them to have some game time on the weekends since they don’t get any during school days. They can watch movies or play games and comes in handy while waiting in a doctor’s office too. We had to do that exact thing last week. I noticed that it helped my little one ease the anxiety of the visit and help keep him calm. This tablet can do so much besides movie and games, as they can read books and use it for homework. When the kids don’t have it during the week I can use it to store recipes listen to music while in the kitchen.


If you hadn’t noticed we are strong on Samsung products as most of our house is Samsung products from the fitness band on my wrist to the phones we carry and to the appliances in our kitchen. I can honestly say the we’ve had great experiences with them all. Samsung makes almost everything and they help make or home more for functional for our techy lives. We trust Samsung at Walmart to make that extra cash in our pockets go the extra mile. We are living in a smart world with the tools at our fingertips so why not have the best! So what are you getting that is FUN this tax reFUNd?

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