Reason Being Nonactive

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We all know as a parent the struggle of summer vacation coming to an end and school starting to begin. It can all be overwhelming at times and fighting the crowds though the store to gather the supplies and new clothes etc., I kind of took that time to sit back and reflect on my life and what I wanted to do and I realized my children aren’t so little anymore.

My oldest and only daughter is a Senior in high school and has a job now! Did I mention she has a car and drives? Scary to think and I know she is a safe driver, but as a parent do we ever stop worrying? I stop and wonder how did she grow up so fast? I feel like I am at a stand still and everything around me is going in fast forward.

My oldest son is just now entering in high school and I’m a bit overwhelmed with preparing him and his assistant with the change. Having to deal with changes through the school for him to be able to access the building properly, not to mention IEP meetings, doctors, medication and ordering new equipment for him. Having a child with a disability of any kind is hard and fighting for them and their rights is even harder at times. Thankfully everyone has been working diligently together to make this a comfortable transition. As I stand back just to look at him I don’t see that baby boy anymore he is growing into a man. When did that happen, and that voice it had gotten so deep. Even though he is really nonverbal he has words he can say and MOM is number one on that list. That boy there takes all my energy each day, but that struggle in the end is worth it and I am grateful to have him.

Oh and then there is these two now in 3rd grade and 4th grade. There as about as close as twins being there are only fourteen months apart. Of course they fight like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day they are brothers. They like to wrestle and jump off of things even when I tell them not to! I guess the saying is true “boys will be boys”. Before I know it they’ll be in high school and then college and starting their lives.


Where does the time go? We get so caught up on things we have to do or need to do, I think some days we need to do nothing. I had a friend who said enjoy the chaos now because one day your house will be empty and you will miss the fighting, crying and laughter. So just enjoy it even when the days are hard and on the days you want to just throw your hands up in the air. Keep staying strong and love them with all your heart because life is too short not to.