The Lugz Drifter Boot Review

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I had the opportunity to review a line of boots from Lugz called Drifter Mid Mens Boots. Lugz have a huge variety of shoes for men, women and kids. These varieties include: boots, steel toe boots, slip ons, sneakers and canvas shoes. I personally love their style in shoe and how they are made. They have the wow factor that says “look at me”. I am one of those “picky” people when it comes to shoes. When you meet someone what is the first thing you notice? I notice the shoe first and always have especially on a guy. I truly have no clue as to why but I like to see a guy with a nice beefy shoe and also it has to look nice. That is what drew my attention to the Drifter Mid Mens Boots in a black leather. I liked the other color choices as well but I knew my husband was more prone to a black shoe like his previous brand he normally sticks to. That brand is okay but they were just to simple. I think he would look great  in some other colors as well and I hope to slowly lean him in that direction. I inspected these boots inside and out and I did not find any problems with them. As for my husband he really likes them and he said they look very casual but also can use them as a dress shoe like for going to a nice dinner, movie and etc. Also he likes how comfortable the Drifters are as well as the fit. Since they are leather it makes for a easy maintenance with a shoe buffer an some shoe polish. Cleaning them once a week will help prolong the life of your shoe and make them look new every time. I must say the pictures really don’t do them justice in order to get a good view of them you need to get your hands on them. Would you love to try a pair for yourself or the man in your life if so keep an eye out for the giveaway for a pair of Lugz Drifter Boot for Men!

output_TmkFk1Lugz black Leather Drifter Mid Boots *MSRP* $81.99 pictured above. [Read more…]