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I had the opportunity to review the Cybersonic Complete Sonic Oral Care

I will start off by saying that I never have used an electric toothbrush of any sorts but, as for this particular one it is very powerful. The Cybersonic3  is what I had received. The company states that it is their most advanced system and the result of over 20 years of research and development.Running at an astonishing 45,000 strokes per minute, it is the world’s fastest toothbrush allowing for a complete cleaning in only 60 seconds. Their patented harmonic resonance technology allows for this high speed with no moving parts in the brush head. This makes the system effective, durable, and inexpensive to maintain. With dual brush head designs, integrated sonic flossing and tongue cleaning systems, and whitening optimized for use with sonic brushes, Cybersonic is also the world’s only complete integrated sonic oral care system. With our free brush head program and available lifetime warranty, Cybersonic3 could be the last toothbrush you ever buy. I must say it does clean fast but effectively. I was a bit intimidated by it at first I wont’ lie. I like that there are two brush sizes one large and the other is small. I personally use the small brush as my husband uses the larger brush. I tried using the brush tips as recommended but it just didn’t work out. As for the flossing it makes it a breeze and gets the job done a lot faster without much of an effort and as for the tongue cleaner it was a no go! It tickled to much for me to complete the task and my husband laughs at me because he doesn’t have a problem with it. I do love the charging station and how it holds the tips plus the teeth whitening gel one tube is a whole weeks worth and it comes with four tubes. It has been only a week so time will tell on the whitening but as for the cleaning effect it works wonders. I did have one problem with this toothbrush and that was when transferring tips it was very hard to remove them. My husband and I was afraid we might break it or snap the tips in half even though they are made out of a very strong plastic. This particular toothbrush retails for $99.95 with all the bells and whistles included. Is it worth it you may ask? Yes…. Why yes it is! A $100 investment could save you up to thousands upon thousands of dollars within a decade with proper dental hygiene and with the know how to maintain that perfect smile. Overall this is a great device and I would recommend it to others. Want a chance to try it yourself then just enter in below! Good Luck!

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Thank you for your interest in the Cybersonic line of oral care products. Cybersonic has been leading the oral care filed for over twenty years with numerous technical and product innovations designed to provide high performance, reliable, and affordable dental care to the public. Cybersonic’s unique, patented design uses harmonic resonance (like a mini tuning fork), to provide fast, powerful, yet gentle cleaning. Cybersonic3 is the world’s fastest toothbrush, running at 45,000 cleaning strokes per minute. It is also the world’s only complete oral care product with integrated sonic brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning, breath freshening, and tooth whitening systems. Our unique design uses no moving parts in the brush head. This makes for a more reliable system and reduces the cost of replacement brushes. As with all toothbrushes, the American Dental Association recommends changing your brush head every 3-4 months. Using a worn brush head will not clean as well and can wear tooth enamel due to frayed, abrasive bristles. Cybersonic leads the industry in providing inexpensive, convenient options for replacements. With our optional replacement plans, customers can get free replacement brushes and accessories for life. The only cost is a nominal shipping & handling charge each time replacements are sent out. No more driving to different stores, looking for the correct model for your system, and paying high retail prices every few months. As an added benefit, we offer lifetime warranty coverage for all customers who are active members of our replacement plans. We’ll replace any worn or failed power system at no charge except a shipping and handling fee. These programs require no long term commitments and can be cancelled at any time. Other features

1. Dual brush heads – Cybersonic3 comes with two brush head designs for custom cleaning. The small head is designed after a dental professional’s brush and is ideal for cleaning back teeth and hard to reach areas. The deluxe brush has a larger surface area which some prefer and is ideal for using Cybersonic’s integrated tooth whitening system.

2. Sonic flossing system – Cybersonic is the only toothbrush to include an integrated sonic flossing system. Flossing is a key component in oral care and the one most often overlooked. Our flossing system uses convenient pre-strung flossers for fast, convenient, sanitary cleaning.

3. Sonic tongue cleaner – Our patented sonic tongue cleaning attachment works like a mini-carpet cleaner to remove bacteria from the tongue; the most common cause of bad breath and a breeding ground for microbes that can attack your teeth and gums.

4. “Done – in – one” timer

5. Charging light

6. Available integrated tooth whitening system and travel case (purchased separately) Pricing Cybersonic3 has an MSRP of $99.95 plus shipping & handling. Limited time offer: use the code HALFSYSTEM for 50% of all Cybersonic Toothbrush systems.

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