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Eat Well And Stay Slim Cookbook

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Eat Well And Stay Slim French Cookbook Review & Giveaway

French Cookbook Review by My Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Life

Somehow when I began reading this book, I thought I would be reading a book on how to lose weight. But to my surprise Eat Well and Stay Slim written by French Chef, Michel Gue’rard, was a very detailed book on how to make the best tasting food with the least amount of calories! In fact almost every recipe in this book is 300 calories or less! The authors last health conscious recipe book Cuisine Minceur sold over a million copies. The author also owns Euge’nie-les-Bains, a hotel in the southwest of France lauded for its modern-day Greco-Roman spa experience and slimming menu from which some of these recipes are used.

I do not know much of French Cuisine but this book is definitely going to make a dent in that lack of knowledge. I loved reading and looking at the recipes in this book and getting acquainted with French dishes. One of many recipes from this book that I will be trying is the Hot Apple and Lime Souffle’s. Most of the recipes are gluten-free but many recipes contain diary. So I will be experimenting with other non dairy ingredients for some of the recipes. I would suggest this cookbook for someone who loves being in the kitchen and experimenting with food.

What fascinated me about this book is that the author goes into great detail about making many different stocks that can be saved or frozen and then used in making vinaigrettes, sauces, liaisons (a binding or thickening agent used in cooking), condiments and cold coulis (vegetable or fruit sauce for surrounding a dish) for fish, seafood, chicken and other meats. I have been wanting more knowledge on making various sauces to accompany our fish, since I believe that makes the dish! I have that in this book!

French Cookbook Giveaway

One lucky reader is going to win a 9 3/4 x 7 1/4 inch Hardback copy of Eat Well and Stay Slim with 336 pages of fabulous information and recipes.

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