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NoVuS (Entire Album) (EXPLICIT



About the artist

Einstagator , a.k.a. Steven Parker, started rapping when he was 16 years old. At that time moved to Texas to live with his father. There he found the rap/hip hop scene to have a different feel to it. There were more rappers and the style of rap/hip hop had its own swag to it. In 2000, he met Lil Ganz, the brother of a basketball teammate who owned and operated his own record label. Steven learned how to mimic sound. Within that same year, Einstagator formed the group, “Unfadeable” with a high school friend. Getting more exposure in high school helped him focus on what was important.
This group eventually dissolved and new opportunities introduced themselves to him. Each step he took brought him to the point of where he is today.
It was time to stop wasting energy on things that had no future in it. It was time to work on his future.
Einstagator’s newest lead single, “Around The Globe” is off of his new CD, “The Arrival”. The single is about taking a girl anywhere that she wants to go. Whatever the woman wants, he’s there to please. This single has a great rhythm to it, nice electronically altered vocals, good pop beat and a great theme. It’s great to dance to or just listen to while you’re driving. It definitely makes you sway in your seat. It is not, however, representative of the entire CD. There only a few songs that have this pop feel to it. His songs have a great hip hop feel to them. All have great lyrics, beats – and a definite swag to them. His music is considered cross over due to the fact that he is a versatile musician who creates music to please the masses.
Einstagator opened for Lil Boosie, Lil Young of SwishaHouse, Magic, Tone Loc, Lil Flip, Rob G and many others.
“I want people to know that I just lost my Grandma this year to cancer. My goal always to make it big and give my family a better life than we ever had, especially my grandmother and everything I’m doing now I’m doing for her.”
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Hip-Hop/Rap/Southern Hip-Hop/Indie/Underground Hip-Hop
December 25, 2012
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