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NEW SAMPLES September 22nd AT 12PM EST

Check out all the samples that you maybe able to get in your September and October box, plus what you may already have in this months August box! PINCHme is offering something exciting for our furry friends too! Yes that’s right you can now get samples for your cat or dog. Just imagine how excited they will be to get to try out some yummy treats or toys along with the human. I don’t know who would get more excited the human or the pet, but either way you both will have a great time trying before you buy! If you missed them don’t worry because some of these will be available next month too! Since these boxes only come once a month you will get notified by email when to watch out for your next chance to fill your box with samples. Of course some samples run out faster than others, but there are always plenty to choose from. So by now you are thinking what’s the catch right? There are none really! Just tell them what you think about the product and give your honest opinion. If your not a member you can join today for FREE and get ready for next month’s sample shipments. Do you have a PINCHme account? If not sign up today because after all if it s FREE!

Be sure to check out the image below to see what was all in the box!



What has been your favorite sample from PINCHme so far?

If your not a member you can join today for FREE and get ready for next month’s sample shipments. Are you ready to start pinching?

More about PINCHme:

New samples are generally released once per month on a Tuesday. You can check the date for our next Sample Day by visiting our Website,  FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest page. Occasionally, we also release samples at other times during the month, so we suggest that you regularly log into your PINCHme account to see if you have any samples available to you to claim.

NEW SAMPLES September 22nd AT 12PM EST

Disclosure: I did receive compensation/products for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.


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