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Leaves (feat. Felicia Douglass)



About the artist


Finally the time has come for Reed Kackley, a.k.a. Brooklyn producer BAILE, to present us with his sophomore EP, Matter.
Prior to its complete release, our daily allowance of Matter was in the form of three track releases, two of which feature the talented Felicia Douglass of Ava Luna. The third, “Down,” was more of a testament to BAILE’s ear for compositional detail.
All three tracks seemed almost completely their own style, but now witnessing the EP in its entirety, it’s obvious that each track is an artistic concoction meant to blend in a seamless story-arch that you become entranced in without stumbling over any song’s beginning or ending.
It’s very easy to hit play and snap back to reality over a half hour later, only when the intoxicating backbeat completely disappears and, to your dismay, does not return after the mesmerizing synths of “Walls” finally fade to silence.
Matter is something that is entirely immersive. Although, that might be said for any musical experience, BAILE offers us a whole new territory to explore with his unique layering of other-worldly sounds.


By: Leann Bescript

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July 24, 2015
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