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LA Priest

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LA Priest

About the artist

“For the last five years my experiences in music have been anything but experiences through the internet,” stated Sam Dust during the run-up to his debut album as LA PriestInji. When listening to the funky, chilled-out bliss of “Party Zute/Learning to Love”, that statement sounds impossible, like listening to a pilot talk about his fear of heights or a dairy farmer condemning lactose.

Removed from the web for nearly half a decade (which aligns with the 2010 breakup of his former dance-punk outfit Late of the Pier), Dust picks out his synths with only a mild sense of nostalgia. This trait has led to success for the likes of Disclosure, who revitalized UK garage, and Todd Terje, who is breathing new life into disco. Like those artists, Dust has sifted through his dense artistic passions to create a sound fit for the unlimited-access music consumer. Taking a more avant-garde approach than the Lawrence brothers and Terje, Dust has woven together funk, electro, disco, and weeping guitar melodies into a digitized language as eccentric as its creator. READ MORE>>>

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June 16, 2015
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