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Halfway House : The Complete Mix (Entire Album)



About the artist

Famous for his weekly releases, Quetzin is an artist who specializes all sorts of electronic or electro-tinged music. From ambient to electronic rock, Quetzin has dipped his scrawny toes into all sub-genres. As a producer in training, he creates music spontaneously in his bedroom, waiting for his chance to evolve. His influences range from Aphex Twin to Pink Floyd and everything in between.From his pop influenced albums such as “How To” and “Young” to his experimental endeavors in the form of “November”, “Liern”, and “The Complete Magnum Opus”, Quetzin has amassed quite a large discography. His series of “Spontaneous Sunday” releases are a clear example, spanning one release a week since January 2015. Quetzin has also been able to reel in listeners with his wide reaching tastes and unique, ever forming style.
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December 21, 2014
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