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Jason West Jones

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Jason West Jones – Songs From The Milk Jam (Entire Album)


Jason West Jones

About the artist

I am Jason West Jones. I’ve been writing and producing songs for over 15 years. In the past tens years, as of this date. I have written over ten hours of music. This has prompted me to become an Indie artist under my given name, “Jason West Jones”. Rather than use “Driven Madness” A band title I have used for over ten years. I write and produce non profit music, and release it for free. I have a rather decent international fan base. I’m guessing this is because those guys are grateful for free music?
Wait, I’m sure that is the reason. ha Anywhoozle. If you are still reading this? Please check out my music. Unlike a movie that you may not like? My music is not a movie. It is over 10 hours of so many styles, and other things. Most people would not be able to understand it all if you paid them. There is something to be found for everyone within the depth of my work.
Thanks! JWJ
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’10s AlternativeAlternative/Indie
December 15, 2014
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