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UPDATE! My page is live! There are currently two versions of each album. One to download for free. And the other to donate. If you like the tracks I have so far, please help support! I can use the money to buy more music stuff such as VSTs to make better sounds in the unknown future…Or food. Maybe even pay some rent?
Current Albums: Thr0wB4ck – These were tracks I made a few years ago. They are more complete because I was using Magix Music Maker…So essentially, I put together sample libraries. (Gotta recover these old projects O.O WIPs – Which are tacks that are a work in progress. These tracks seem less complete because I am actually building them from scratch in Ableton. More to come this summer! Hopefully complete ones to!(Above will be any news, updates, and whatever else of importance)
(Below is my bio which will be updated from time to time)Oh jeez, another one of these
Hello! My name is Christian! Aka DJJaxxon! Long story short (for now) I moved here to the city of Pittsburgh back in fall of 2013 and currently attending collage here. I grew up in a small town were I was decently known. How I got started into Dj and music production was when I had a DJ app on my iPod hooked up to my stereo. This lovely girl saw me do this and was like, “Can you do something that I can dance to?” We practiced her dance to my simple cut version of one of Skrillex’s songs. Played in front of the band of like 200 people. People said “You should be a DJ!” Picked up my first deck (that I still have) the Numark IDJ3. Got into it, loved it, DJed a few parties in my home town and have been at it a for about 2 years now. Now, I have an APC40, work with some things in Ableton, starting a new here in Pittsburgh. Just want to get myself known out there. So, I feel like this’ll also be a good start. Post some WIP on here for free and see where it goes. 🙂 Description provided by artist representative


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March 3, 2014
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