Save 40% off Youth Digital Mod Design 1 – Learn to Code in Java with Minecraft (PC and Mac)

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Mod Design 1 - Kids Ages 8-14 Learn to Code in Java with Minecraft ® (PC & Mac)

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Deal of the Day: Save 40% off Youth Digital Mod Design 1 – Learn to Code in Java with Minecraft (PC and Mac) for 1/22/2015 only!

Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at Woot: “So maybe I’m not the next All-American football player. And who cares if I’d rather be building an imaginary world than fitting into yours. I’m a coder, DAD. And if you really love me, you’d just accept that (and also let me continue to live in your basement rent-free ’til I’m 40).”
$249.99 $149.99 (40% off)

Product Features

  • Kids, ages 8-14, learn Java programming by making their own Mods for Minecraft®
  • Includes 30+ hours of online & interactive videos
  • Includes quizzes, badges, challenges, contests and bonus material
  • Includes 1 year access to online course and teacher support
  • Winner of the 2014 Top Homeschooling Curriculum Award!

System Requirements

  • Platform:    Windows, Mac
  • Media: Toy
  • Item Quantity: 1


Product Description

Kids Learn to Code in Java by Making Mods for Minecraft ®

Youth Digital’s mission is to teach kids real software coding and design skills by creating awesome projects with cutting-edge technology.

In our most popular online course, boys and girls will learn the fundamentals of Java programming by creating their own Minecraft ® Mod (or Modification) for the PC / Mac version of Minecraft ®. For every item, block or creature they want to add, kids will first design and then code their object in Java. At the end of the course, they will have their own polished Minecraft ® Mod that they created from scratch.

Mod Design 1 for Minecraft ® is a unique opportunity for young students to learn Java in an exciting and meaningful way. They will not only come away with an impressive project to share with their friends, but also with a foundational knowledge of object-oriented programming.

Effective and Entertaining

Regardless of your location or expertise with technology, your kids can gain critical computer, programming and technology skills in a manner that is highly interactive, rewarding and fun. Students watch videos, respond to questions, earn badges, and complete quizzes and challenging assignments as they step toward mastering critical technology skills and professional-level software.

Empowering Kids to be Digital Creators, Designers, Programmers and Developers

Online Help is Never More than a Mouse Click Away!

Winner of the 2014 Top Homeschooling Curriculum Award!


-Minecraft for PC/Mac

-Windows 8, 7, or XP or Mac OS 10.7 or higher

-Macs MUST be 64-bit (after 2008)

-Internet connection with download speeds of > 1 Mbps

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