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Thursday, October 16th was a very scary day for us at the hive. “A” come home from school and as I was getting dinner prepared and all the kids were playing I look over to only find out he was having a seizure. He has only had one other seizure that anyone has ever witnessed and that was back in March 2013. Since “A’s” first seizure they had put him on medication to help calm and possibly prevent another seizure to occur. That morning he acted fine and was all well at school, but there was something weird that happened that morning and it makes me think. “A” has a service dog named Zeus, but also is his best friend. “A” and Zeus could never be on their own as “A” will always need another person to help. That morning at 6 am I open “A’s” bedroom door to wake him up and get ready for school. Zeus makes sure he is the first in the room to wake him up and welcome him with kisses and then lays next to him. As “A” starts to wake up I go make another cup of coffee and sit at the dining room table. That morning Zeus did something strange (Zeus is a Labrador Retriever) he started to bark  and howl a bit. To me he almost sounded like a big old hound dog and I had never heard that tone come out of him before. Zeus was sitting and looking my way while he was barking. Zeus is not a seizure alert dog and from what I have been told there is no way to train them. How a seizure alert dog is found is by having maybe ten dogs with five people who have a seizure and they watch for a response and if that dog responds every time then, they know that dog can sense them. Only thing is if a dog warns you in some way you don’t know when it will happen. So, I question did Zeus know? Then ten hours later “A” had a seizure after he came home from school. “A” was turning blue when I pulled him out of his wheelchair and having a hard time breathing. Man was I scared but I knew what to do and what my son needed. I had my husband call 911 and we had to wait at least five minutes to give him a certain medication if the seizure is five minutes or longer. By that time the paramedics showed up and took over. One minute feels like an hour at that moment. We went to our local hospital and then transferred to Cardinal Glennon Children’s hospital and spent the night for observation. He was alert and awake most of the evening and slept most of the night. All to find  out he just outgrew his dosage and his body is going through changes as well. Overall in the end we are blessed to have another day.  “A” got to come home and we signed for our new home and my daughter “S” just turned fourteen! So this weekend we will relax a bit and get ready to move into our new home.



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