Google Play Free Song of the Day 8/16/2014

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The Beats Go On (Entire Album)



About the artist

Born in 1980 and raised in Orange County,CA. Frank (Kushest) Castillo started making music at the age of 15 and has loved it with a passion ever since. In 2000 he was really big with the rave scene and produced lots of hardcore, Jungle/DnB tracks. After having his daughter he grew apart from the party scene. Well now it’s 2013 and it’s back to the drawing board. Kushest founded Box Break Records in January 2013 with a focus on bringing you better quality music and changing the standards for the music we hear today so we all can hear the music how it is supposed to sound.
“I’ve spent the last year working on and perfecting my style and now i’m ready to give it to you RAW!!!”
“Do I stick to a specific Genre? No! I make what I feel and strive to bring you all new sounds!”
“Follow along with me as I bring you the Vibes that you all crave.”
“I Just Want To See You Dance!”
Provided by artist representative

They may ask for Credit card information through Google Play but, it is 100% completely FREE and you will not be charged!


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