TeleBrands Teddy Tank Review

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We had another great opportunity to work with TeleBrands a company that brings people inventions to life and share with others like me and you. There newest product out on the market is called Teddy Tank. What is a Teddy Tank you may ask? Well, As Seen On TV the Teddy Tank is the perfect tank for your Betta Fish or an awesome toy friend that has a storage belly for you to feed! How cool is this? I have to say I love this idea because you can use it for multiple things. When our Teddy Tank arrived it was already assembled with the plastic bowl which was about the size of a basketball and was fit snug into the teddy. Our teddy came with a velcro bow tie because we all know that bow ties are cool. So the first thing my son wanted to put into the Teddy Tank was his hot wheels. After, putting all his cars in the Teddy Tank he said can we put a fish in. I said we will, but don’t have one yet to put in. He said yes we do mom I have a robot fish and I was amazed that he even remembered that because he only used it once about four months ago. So, I took the bowl out of the teddy which super easy and filled the bowl with the water then place the teddy back around the bowl.

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My son changes his mind daily on what to put in his Teddy Tank as for a real fish we may just wait a while on that one. One thing I noticed that is a really cool feature is that on your Teddy Tank’s ears there is a button on the left side that you push and hold to record a message and on the right ear you push to play back that message. I did not see them mention that on the website so I thought what a nice surprise and the kids love recording crazy sounds on it too. So a teddy bear was the original design for the tank, but they also have ones like a monkey, unicorn, elephant and much more and you can even order more bows and accessories for your fish if you choose to put one in. You can order them online for $19.99 plus $7.99 for shipping. I have not seen these in the stores yet. Would you love to win this exact Teddy Tank reviewed here? Keep your eye out for the giveaway coming soon!

Put anything in it from candy to money and watch your Teddy’s stomach get full! What would you put in your Teddy Tank?


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