The Onion Crunch Challenge

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I recently had the opportunity to take the Onion Crunch Challenge.  With Thanks Giving coming up in a few days this couldn’t have come at a better time. Green Bean Casserole is like a tradition at Thanksgiving am I right? I have personally always used French’s because that is what my mom used, so I did too and I never looked else where. Truthfully I am not fond of French’s Fried Onions and they are bland and leave a thick film in my mouth but, I love their mustard. As for Fresh Gourmet and Onion Crunch I never tried them until a couple of days ago. Let me start with Fresh Gourmet, these were pretty big pieces in the bag although bag is half full as well. They were pretty good and you could actually taste the onion but, they also were lightly salted and it was to much for me because I don’t ingest salt often in my diet. They too also left a after taste and a greasy film but, not as bad as the french’s did. For the Onion Crunch they actually beat the others in overall health stats less of ingredients,fats,calories etc,. The bottle was pretty compacted and when you took some out it bounced up more which was surprising because most of everything you buy comes half empty these days. Truthfully it tasted of onion a real onion and it reminded me a bit of a blooming onion. I didn’t get that greasy film and I was expecting it. I am not a picky eater by all means just really picky on what I want my food to taste like and we all should be. I took the Onion Crunch Challenge and they nailed it! Have you taken the Challenge yet?

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Onion Crunch Challenge

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  1. Robert Baranco says

    Thank you for posting about the The Onion Crunch Challenge.

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