Upere Vintage-Inspired Designer Wedge Sneaker Review

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I was asked to review a pair of  ‘Aster’ wedge sneakers from UPERE. I personally love all shoes but never have worn a wedge shoe of any type it was either sneakers,pumps, sandals, or flip flops. Well that is until now! These sneakers may look like your ordinary shoe but what is hidden on the inside is hidden heal that can not be seen from the outside of the shoe. I was really surprised as to how comfortable they were as I could walk, run, and jump without hurting myself as I am the known klutz in the family. The only thing about these shoes that I was not used to what the high top but, as the day went on I didn’t even notice or feel it anymore as to when I first put them on. Also I am 5’5″ so they made me a little bit taller and I enjoyed that. I also found it funny that my mother in law felt she was getting shorter and I laughed and told her she wasn’t it was my shoes making me taller. One thing to know if  you plan to order a pair the sizes are different from US sizes as I wear 7.5 and 8 in shoes and they sell by EUR and the size I received was 39 which is one size bigger than my “US” size and they fit perfect and still  some how they seem to make my feet look smaller! Over all they are great shoes and growing on me I am looking forward to spicing up my wardrobe and eventually getting a few more pairs in different colors and patterns and maybe a scarf or two. Upere’s Wedge Sneaker range from $169.78 to $245.00 plus they carry a selection of pumps and scarfs as well. Here is more details of the ‘Aster’ wedge sneaker from UPERE featured product image shown above the navy Bayley pair shown above is Suede upper Navy Blue with an oval toe cap with three Velcro straps and 50mm/2 inches hidden heels with anti-slipping rubber sole. Beyond all question, it will give you a fresh update to your shoe cabinet. Fans of UPERE will know the hidden heels, symbolic star, and soft suede leather make them both cool and comfortable. Wear them to immediately pair with anything: dresses, skirts, shorts, skinny jeans, leggings.  Use the code “UPERE” to get 15% off on their wedge sneakers today!

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Here is more information about Upere:


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Upere.com is a top online retailer of vintage-inspired and independently designed Wedge Shoes. Upere mainly specialized in producing high-end and trendy wedge shoes and wedge sneakers for women at different ages. As a family business, Upere draws upon its distinctive blend of experience, inspiration and knowledge in order to make a great achievement in footwear industry. Besides, the production process of Upere is highly strict and meticulous. We promise to make wedges that can both show women’s inner beauty and be conductive to the health of your feet.  Every lady has passion to own one pair of Wedge sneakers that can both good looking and perfectly show their slender legs. Upere wedge shoes maybe their ideal choices. A typical shoe between high-tops and high-heels, these wedge shoes can make any dress style both sexy and stylish. In our Upere online store, you will discover a variety of amazing wedges in different color and style. All of them are specially designed and made. They look perfect when paired with skinny jeans or leggings. Upere Wedges are magic shoes to improve your confidence and spruce up your good image. With the popularity of this kind of wedge shoes, it’s a wise decision to to shop one super wedge sneaker right now in Upere.

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These are my own personal opinions and this review was written solely by MumbleBeeInc

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful review! And we are glad that you enjoy our sneakers! It’s been a wonderful experience, hope we can work together again in the future.

  2. Great review! the shoes are so cool! 🙂

  3. My little sister would LOVE these shoes! 🙂

  4. Blessie Nelson says

    I am so in love with these sneakers!!

  5. natalie nichols says

    These would look ridiculous on me because i have huge feet. They look cute on you though.

  6. those shoes are too cute

  7. Honestly, at first, I thought it was a medical device for your foot! They’re not me, but I could see those for someone else whose style closely matched them.

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