KidsEmbrace Car Seats

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Kids Embrace

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What is KidsEmbrace you may ask? KidsEmbrace is a company that makes child safety seats that come to life with special cartoon characters that your children will love and simply just want to be in just because. What makes them so different from all other child safety seat makers you may ask? That is where the name “KidsEmbrace” comes into play. Theses safety seats are made with a  5-point safety harness design that is made to embrace the child with safety and comfort as safety being the number one top priority. These seats a specifically designed to protect your child from sudden stops and side impacts with a deeper “wraparound” headrest.

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Okay now we get to the exciting part about these safety seats is the overall designs which as of now there are a total of four fun designs. The image shown above is the  Dale Earnhardt Jr car seat which is the ultimate must have for those hardcore Earnhardt  fans out there. This specific car seat can be purchased $99.95. There is also Dora The Explorer, Batman and Sponge Bob Square Pants car seats to choose from as well. All of these car seats have the same features such as Dual cup holders great for a drink and snack on the go. The material can be easily removed for washing after those “uh oh” moments. All seats can sit a child from 30 pounds to 100 pounds and as your child grows the straps are easily adjustable as is the head rest. All seats come with instructions and weight guides and have safety and tip sticker labels on the seat in case those pamphlets become lost. This makes up for the loss with easy reminders. These seats are made to be durable to last through out the diaper days to kindergarten . Unless they out grow the character then you may need to go from Sponge Bob to Batman. These safety seats can be purchase for $99.95 to $145.95 online and can be spotted in some stores.

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  1. These car seat are so cool my son would love it!

  2. laurie damrose says

    I like the seat

  3. Becky Schollian says

    I just love these. All the different styles they have to offer is great. Fun, Fun, Fun!! Also to mention they are safe, safe, safe!!

  4. this so cool and would love to see more of them

  5. Sandra VanHoey says

    Cutest carseats for kids ever, I love these

  6. What a great looking car seat this is , and love all the designs it come in.. I really love the features for the car seat.

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