Free Venus Embrace or Venus Razor For Costco Members

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NOTE:  Any 12 digit number starting with a 2 should work just fine 😉

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. While supplies last. Available to U.S. Residents only. Limit one sample per household. You must be 18 or older to receive this sample.

Choose between one Venus Embrace handle with 5-blade razor cartridge or one Venus Spa Breeze handle with 3-blade razor cartridge and lathering shave gel bars.

Venus Embrace
Experience one of Gillette Venus’ best shaves with Venus Embrace razor refills for women. Venus Embrace is our first women’s razor created with 5 blades to hug every curve and get virtually every hair. The result is a close shave and unsurpassed Venus smoothness.

Venus Embrace has 5 curve-hugging blades plus a Ribbon of Moisture for glide to help provide a
comfortable shave with fewer nicks and cuts*.

Get virtually every hair to help the skin on your legs look super smooth!

Venus Embrace razor cartridges have a protective ribbon of moisture for a smooth glide.

Hugs your body to give a closer, longer-lasting shave. You won’t have to shave as often*!

*vs. Venus Divine

Venus Spa Breeze
With Venus Spa Breeze simply add water for a skin-loving, light lather and a smooth shave – there’s no need for separate shave cream. Even better; the shave gel bars are infused with the fresh scent of white tea to soothe your senses.

ShowerSafe blade refills are individually sealed to stay clean and dry, even when stored in the shower.

Built-in Shave Gel Bars with white tea scent eliminate the need for additional shave gel or soap.

3-blade cartridge and shave gel bars flex for incredible closeness around every curve.

All Venus cartridges fit all Venus razor handles.

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