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Welcome to Ibotta!

You can earn $20 or more every time you use Ibotta. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let other people get all the best offers.

Get the smart app for FREE!!! 

Use coupons after you buy. Free apps like Ibotta allow you to get coupon-sized savings even after you make your purchase.

How to get the most out of Ibotta:

Before shopping, check for offers on your favorite products.
After shopping, take a picture of your receipt to earn cash.
Every time you redeem an offer, we’ll send a new one. Tell us your likes and dislikes and we’ll send you personalized offers.
Pamper yourself with the cash or donate it to any school in America.


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  1. Thanks, I am getting it now!

  2. Makes me wish I had a smart phone! My phone just learned how to text, lol.

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