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Hello everyone, I was given The opportunity to be included in this great giveaway! Check out Sweet Pea Saving Review for the PhoneFetcher and enter the giveaway below! Good Luck!

Product Description

PhoneFetcher takes the stress and hassle out of a person’s day, by allowing you to always know where your cell phone is!

No more digging in our purses to find a ringing phone and missing calls! No more leaving your phone on some remote table or countertop!

No more forgetting phones, and leaving them places (home, office, restaurants, cabs etc.), only to have to backtrack to find it. No more mini panic attacks!

PhoneFetcher attaches to a purse, back pack, gym bag, baby bag, belt loop, etc. on one end,
and the other end attaches easily to the earphone plug of a smart phone, mp3 player etc.

PhoneFetcher is made on a stretchable bungee cord, which allows texting and viewing without having to disconnect the phone. When the phone is removed from the bag, we leave our PhoneFetchers hanging out of our bag to alert us as we leave, that we do not have our phone with us.

Phonefetcher is as easily removed from your phone as an earphone is, and comes in 8 fun colors!


Well if your purse is full and you always have issues with losing your phone then this is the product for you! I always put my phone in my purse and it sinks to the bottom. So when the phone rings I can never find it! So when I received the PhoneFetcher I was very excited. It has a small plug that plugs in super easy, and you then clip it to your purse strap (or any bag strap that you use). So them when your phone rings you just pull the elastic cord out of your purse and your phone is right there. And there will be a silver chain model coming out in the next 6 weeks! This is a really great invention!

With Mother’s day coming up this would be a great gift!

Check out there Website to get yours and Let them know you love there product as much as I do on their Facebook Page
PhoneFetcher has agreed to give one away to one of my great fans, so make sure you enter below!

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