Free Versanto Force-3X (Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee)

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Versanto High Octane Premium

Click image to enter!

Add any ONE flavor of 1.75-ounce Versanto Force 3X (Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee) to cart and enter code: VERSANTO at checkout to get it for FREE.

They are giving away 100 FREE 1.75-ounce bags per day and it goes live at a random times. They post on their Facebook page when it goes live each day (M-F). One per person, mailing address, email address.

FREE MEANS FREE, no shipping, no credit card needed!
1) got to
2) click on the “Purchase” tab
3) click on the item you want a FREE sample of (please note that when you do this, you will be redirected to, out ho…st site for Versanto)
4) on the “Select a Size” drop-down menu, select 1.75oz.
5) click on the “Add to Cart” button
6) a pop-up menu will come up, select “Checkout”
7) on the checkout page, put the promo code “VERSANTO” in the box (when you “submit” the promo code, you should see a full credit for the item selected).
8) “STEP 1: Billing” fill in the billing info, make sure you fill in all of the required info
9) “STEP 2: Shipping” use the drop-down menu and select “Same as Billing”
10) on the shipping page you will also be prompted to select the “Shipping Method” you MUST select “GROUND”
11) the next page that comes up should be showing you your 1 item at $0.00 cost.
12) finish out the pruchase cycle and you should quickly receive an email confirmation of your “purchase”
REMEMBER! During the FREE giveaway there is a significant amount of traffic that comes to the site, most people have had success by continually “refreshing” the page until the transaction goes through.

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