$15 Credit for Customized Vinyl Art!

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Looking for a inexpensive way to update and customzie your home? Then K & K Designs has the answers for you! DIY Fashionista’s has teamed up with K & K Designs to give you a $15 credit for some vinyl art. I have posted some samples of the ones that would qualify for $15 & under and I thought were really nice but in the end the choice will be the giveaways winner! Take a look at their catalog to see some of what they have to offer. Feel free to create your own designs, words, phrases, logos, names, etc., and don’t forget that you get to choose your font and color selections with your order. All your friends and family members will be amazed at your new decor!

K&K Designs, founded in 2010 by two life-long friends, is a unique party plan, vinyl wall art company, specializing in personalization of gifts, home and children’s decor that make lasting impressions. There is something for everyone and the affordability is just the icing on the cake!
As for our party plan, its the simplest out there. No crazy pyramids or multitiered selling– you know, where you have to do this to get that, or if you missed this quota you don’t qualify for that bonus, ya-da ya-da ya-da. Not here. You get a nice percentage of dollar one sales and if you decide to recruit you’ll make a little more off their sales- fair enough since you do help them get started. At the end of the day it’s as straightforward as it gets.

Good Luck from DIY Fashionista’s & all her blogger friends This will run until midnight on Wednesday 4/25.

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