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This review is sole opinion of CrazyAboutDeals.com

Thanks to Kong!!!  We are lucky to be able to review a Kong Classic, Kong Stuff’n Yogurt Spread, Kong Air Dog (Tennis Fetch Toy), and a Kong Squeezz toy and sponsor our giveaway.  In order to understand how long these toys last, you’ll need to know a little bit about our dogs.  They are so different from each other.

From time to time you might hear me mention my dogs on my Facebook posts.  Both of my dogs are as different as can be.  Parisa is a purebred 5lb Yorkie.  She is my smallest dog of the two.  She is also a tough chewer.  She can take apart toys that are made for tough chewers.  When she was younger during her teething stage, she once chewed the corner of my wooden nightstand.  It freaked me out that one she can chew through wood and two what would the wood do to her system.  Luckily she’s fine.  Preston is a Yorkie Mix (not sure what he’s mixed of) that is approx7 lbs.  He is the gentle dog that will gnaw on toys and his plush toys will last him years.

We decided to test a toy a day.  Preston did great with all the toys.  He was excited to test out all these new toys.  We played fetch with the tennis balls.  He ran around the whole condo with a tennis ball in his mouth.  The ball still looks new.  As Preston was gnawing on the Kong Squeezz, he discovered that it also squeaks.  From there on the toy didn’t stop squeeking (wouldn’t recommend it at night…lol).  Preston was not interested in the Kong Classic until there we put the Stuff’n Yogurt Spread into the Kong Clasic.  After that he couldn’t put it down.  And now the review from a tough chewer, my little Princess Parisa.  She however was not so gentle with the toys.  She tried to strip the fuzz from the tennis ball so I had to take it away.  She was okay with the Squeezz but noticed some wear and tear.  When Parisa had the Kong Classic with the Stuff’n, she was more focused on trying to take the food out.  She didn’t try to destroy it. So if you have a dog like Preston then your toys will last them a lifetime. =)

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  1. His favorite toy is his Daddy’s Baseball hat!

  2. Heather Galbraith says

    I would have to say her frisbee!

  3. Right now it is my stupid Aflac duck because he likes making it talk. Lol.

  4. Rhonda Calvert says

    My dogs fave toy is his pull rope! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. Rebekah Mara says

    this would be perfect for tugger, who is almost 4 mths and is an English Mastiff. He loves it when we put peanut butter in his kong toys. and his favorite other toy to play w/ are his squeaky toys, he’ll bite them and start howling with it.

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