Free 5-Pack Growing Plant Message Magic Beans

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This product is offered for FREE ($0.01), each buyer can buy ONLY one in this week.

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This product is offer for free ($0.01),each buyer can buy ONLY one in this week.
That means no matter how many pcs you order and how many orders you place, we will ship ONLY one to you.
if you want more pcs, please buy it  by original price ($1.2).

5-Pack Growing Plant Message Magic Beans

It’s easy to plant the seeds as well: get some soil from your garden and put the bean in a small pot, then, occassionally water the soil to moisturize the bean and just wait. Keeping the environmental temperature between 18 and 25 degrees celsius (that’s between 64’F and 77’F) helps ensure a successful growth. After 3 to 7 days, you will see the sprout of the seeds. And soon after that you will see a little green plant showing your message to the receiver. It’s an unique live gift!

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