Free NIVEA for Men Full-Size Products

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Nivea for Men USA

Nivea posted this on their Facebook wall:

The wait is over! We will be offering free NIVEA for Men products over the next 10 days- starting today! Be one of 200 fans to get a full-size bottle of either Relax Body Wash or Maximum Hydration Lotion! Stay tuned for a hint of when we’ll be launching our giveaway. Until then, click on the “Fan Giveaway” tab for a NIVEA for Men product coupon!

“Like” Nivea for Men USA on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for any status update from them regarding the giveaway. In the meantime, print a $1 off NIVEA for Men product coupon.

**UPDATE**Want to know when we’ll be giving away our 200 bottles of Relax Body Wash or Maximum Hydration Lotion? Here’s a hint: it’ll be between 2 and 3 PM EST. When our Giveaway launches you can access it on the “Fan Giveaway” tab on the left.

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