Enter to Win One of These Amazing Journals

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From Blueprint Investment Fund

Who’s ready for FAN UP FRIDAY? We’re going to start NOW! For each NEW fan (not someone who unlikes/relikes) you refer, you will get one (1) extra entry into our Mayan Journal giveaway (you may get up to 10 extra entries in this round).
~~~ IF anyone gets 50 (that’s FIFTY) new people to like our page, we will give that person a very expensive LEATHER, HANDMADE, Mardi Gras mask with shipping!
~~~ A NEW fan can only count for ONE person’s extra entries or towards the mask.
~~~ That new fan must remain a fan through the tally; we will check.
~~~ ONLY entries posted below THIS comment will count (we don’t want to miss any). We will tally them up and award the extra entries tomorrow night (Friday night) at 11:59pm.

Ready? Set? GO!!!!

 They are made from natural fibers in the tradition of the Mayan Indians of Southern Mexico. Carnations, pansies, asparagus, corn silk, sugar cane, banana fronds, fig bark, bamboo, bougainvillea, mesquite, coffee, and cotton are used to create these beautiful handmade journals. Each piece is carefully hand made- from the binding and covers, to the paper and painted covers. Each unique journal can be personalized with a saying, a name, or a year. There are a plethora of designs and options, these are but a few.

Please tell them MumbleBeeInc sent you.

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