How To Play Buzzin For Honey Amazon Code Hunt

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Buzzin for Honey Amazon Code Game is a quick, fun, fast paced game in which codes are posted on the website with a missing letter\number the first person to figure out the number gets to add the amazon code to their account on If you figure out the code please reply that you found it so others dont keep trying to figure it out and we can release another code!


Get Setup to Play Login to your amazon account and click the “Gift Cards” Link

Click on the “Apply to your Account” Link

In the middle of the page you see the enter code here box this is where you want to be before the game begins.

After the Image with the missing Number or Letter is posted all you have to do is be the first to figure it out what that Bee is covering up and claim the code to win.

The missing number or letter is A-Z 0-9 If you are the first to enter the code the amount of the code will automatically be entered into your account.

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  1. Becky Schollian says

    Love it!1 We can never have enough games for the kiddies to play. this is simple & fun, thanks!!

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