125 Free Disney Reward Points!

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  • ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas is offering FREE Disney Movie Rewards codes every day in December.  Each code is worth 5 points, for a total of 125 Free Points!  Enter the following codes (you can only enter 10 per day)
  • Dec 1:  25DOCNFI84DS
  • 2-4: 25DOC83NF8AH
  • 5: 25DOCFNC9DNA
  • 6: 25DOC56FBX71
  • 7: 25DOCVBZQ987
  • 8: 25DOC846DBD9
  • 9-11: 25DOC89DSDJD
  • 12: 25DOC3263JDE
  • 13: 25DOC8DFDKFT
  • 14: 25DOC7FGD6AB
  • 15: 25DOC9QFJAFP
  • 16-18: 25DOC93HFDKQ
  • 19: 25DOC83EALDJ
  • 20: 25DOCDKSAF8S
  • 21: 25DOCLKDAJFE
  • 22: 25DOCEKJFAKX
  • 23-25: 25DOCFJKARJF
  • You’ll also get 100 free points on your birthday, so don’t forget to claim them (they send an email).
  • Surprise your child with a FREE call from a favorite Disney character…now that’s a special occasion! Must be 18 years of age or older to order a call. Open to residents of the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec). Currently, calls are not available to residents of ID, WA, GA, KY, MS, NE, TN, and LA. Limited quantity, available only while supplies last. Limit one free Disney Enchanted Call per member.
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