Save 27% on Willow & Everett Salt and Pepper Grinders with Matching Stand

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Deal of the Day: Save 27% on Willow & Everett Salt and Pepper Grinders with Matching Stand for 9/12/2017 only!

Add some class to your kitchen–Our salt and pepper mill set was designed with modern elegance in mind as well as optimal functionality. You reach for salt and pepper every single day, so why not make the experience as well-designed as possible? Features include: -Generous sized glass base–do more grinding and less refilling! -High-quality stainless steel top with glass base–impress your friends and “spice” up the look of your kitchen -Modern and elegant upright design–because the grinders sit upright on the glass base, spices won’t leak onto your table -Adjustable setting for desired coarseness -Easy-to-remove screw off top–makes refilling a breeze -Stainless steel cap–keeps your spices fresh -100% satisfaction guarantee.


Price: $21.99 
Deal of the Day: $15.99 FREE Shipping on orders over $25. 
You Save: $6.00 (27%)
  • HIGH QUALITY GLASS AND STAINLESS STEEL GRINDER SET This salt and pepper grinder set features a modern design and are stylish and elegant enough for kitchen-to-table use!  *Salt and pepper not included.
  • BUILT FOR CONVENIENCE AND FUNCTION Unlike other spice grinder sets, this salt and peppermill pair have their grinding mechanism on the top of the grinder, ensuring salt and pepper ends up only on your food — not all over your table. The ceramic grinder is non-corrosive and won’t absorb flavors, while a plastic knob on top of each salt and pepper mill allows you to easily adjust from a fine to coarse grind.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN With its brushed stainless steel encasing, glass body and ceramic grinder, this unique duo is a professional, sleek addition to any kitchen, with a stainless steel lid that truly “caps” off this beautiful set.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Built from the highest quality stainless steel and glass, these salt and pepper grinders are made to last.

Save 29% on Willow & Everett Teapot Kettle with Warmer

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Deal of the Day: Save 29% on Willow & Everett Teapot Kettle with Warmer for 8/01/2017 only!


Willow & Everett was born out of two people’s love for their kitchen and entertaining in their home. It was founded on the principle that the kitchen truly is the heart of the home, and the reality that any table is warmer with people gathered around it. Willow & Everett designs and offers customers kitchen and home products that deliver on both function AND design, made to be aesthetically pleasing as well as work-horses in the kitchen that will help you get the job done.


Price: $27.99 
Deal of the Day: $19.99 FREE Shipping on orders over $25. 
You Save: $8.00 (29%)


Brewing up your favorite tea just got a whole lot easier with this microwavable glass teapot. Now there’s no need to boil your water separately before putting it into your tea brewer. Simply remove the stainless steel infuser and lid, fill the pot and microwave until boiling. Then put the infuser back into the teapot filled with your favorite tea leaves and let steep. It’s as simple as that! The high-quality ultra fine mesh infuser will never rust and allows your tea leaves to steep until you have the perfectly brewed cup!


Sometimes having a cup of tea is simply about a quick and convenient pick me up. Other times, it’s an opportunity to linger, savor the moment, enjoy good company or truly relax. This Willow & Everett elegant teapot infuser delivers on all of these things with every cup of tea you brew. The included custom fit cozy zips up snugly around your teapot keeping your tea warm until you, and your friends, are ready for the next cup. No more rushing through tea time or constantly having to remicrowave your tea!




Save 64% on Willow & Everett Surgical Whistling Tea Kettle

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Deal of the Day: Save 64% on Willow & Everett Surgical Whistling Tea Kettle for 5/30/2017 only!




If you’re a tea or coffee lover, you’ll be thrilled to know that this whistling tea kettle comes with a tea infuser ball made out of high quality stainless steel. This coffee and tea infuser is perfect for most loose leaf teas including green tea and herbal teas. The tea infuser will reduce debris and unwanted leaves floating in your cup. It even works for coarsely ground coffee! It’s the perfect addition to your tea kettle – especially if you’re giving it as a gift! The large tea infuser is ideal for a large single mug serving. Just fill the tea infuser ⅓ or ½ way with loose leaf tea (or coffee) and let it seep in a mug of hot water. Or you can even use the tea infuser in a tea kettle or teapot if you’d like to make more than one cup!


Price: $89.99
Deal of the Day: $31.99 & FREE Shipping.
You Save: $58.00 (64%)
  • BEAUTIFUL WHISTLING TEA KETTLE: You can feel it in the weight of the kettle: this 3 liter/100 ounce stove top kettle is built to last. Made with premium surgical grade stainless steel, aluminum and iron, Willow & Everett’s whistling kettle is high quality and durable. Its mirror finish is easy to keep clean and shiny, and is an attractive addition and conversation starter to your kitchen.
  • INCLUDES A PREMIUM TEA INFUSER: This stainless steel whistling tea pot includes a premium stainless steel tea strainer, perfect for brewing up a single custom cup of loose leaf tea with your new tea kettle.
  • HEAT UP YOUR WATER IN NO TIME: Unlike other cheaper, lightweight tea kettles that use just one or two layers, this 3 liter tea maker is made with FIVE layers of premium grade stainless steel, iron, and aluminum formed into a capsule bottom that heats up quickly and evenly. That means less waiting and a more efficient tea or coffee brewing experience for you! NOTE: The kettle will whistle loudly when boiling, this feature cannot be turned off.
  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY AND COMFORT: This stove top kettle was made with good design and functionality in mind. The handle and spout lever on the teapot are coated in non-slip, soft to the touch silicone that provides comfort, and protects your hand from the heat. The handle is ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and grip and the spring-loaded lever easily opens and closes the spout. The kettle whistles loudly when boiling to notify you it is finished.
  • DON’T PUT TOXIC CHEMICALS IN YOUR BODY: The Willow & Everett stove top kettle is 100% teflon-free and BPA-free and is made strictly of high quality stainless steel, iron and aluminum. Don’t take the health risk of buying something you use so frequently that is tainted with hidden chemicals and questionable materials. We offer a 90 day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase contact us and we’ll make it right.