The Purse Perfector and Amazon GC Giveaway

Are you always losing things at the bottom of your purse, gym bag, or briefcase like me? Then you are going to love this giveaway of the Purse Perfector organizer PLUS a $10 Amazon gift card as an added bonus! Your Strong Tower along with a great group of bloggers are super excited to bring our fans this awesome giveaway just in time for the holidays! If you win, you’ll get the Purse Perfector of your choice of size and color. Staying organized is hard when your always on the go and with little ones. How do you stay organized with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays?

What is the Purse Perfector? Until a few short weeks ago, I had no idea! Now I keep thinking, “Where has this been all of my life?” The Purse Perfector was created by Lyn Marsteller out of her frustration with trying to find an attractive purse that also kept all of her contents organized and easily accessible. She realized that it was really the inside of the purse that was the problem, so she created the Purse Perfector as a purse organizer insert that could easily go from bag to bag while keeping everything in easy reach. Check out the video below to see it in action.

I (somewhat) jokingly say that I could survive the zombie apocalypse with the contents of my purse – everything but the kitchen sink is in there! I was using the “pouch” method of trying to keep things organized. I had a multitude of pouches of various sizes with similar things in each pouch (one with my wallet and checkbooks, one with lip balm and gloss, etc.) It was better than nothing, but I still had problems finding things because they were hidden in pouches, and sometimes the small pouches were hard to find in my big purse.

When I received my large purse organizer, I honestly thought there was NO WAY it was going to hold all of my stuff! However, I was pleasantly surprised that it accommodated everything. The best part is that I can see all of my stuff and nothing gets lost on the bottom of my purse anymore! It’s very easy to pull the Purse Perfector out of my current bag and drop into another one, which makes changing purses a breeze. It also zips apart, so I can use half of it in a much small bag; it’s like a purse in a purse. I like that the Purse Perfector is made in the USA and is very sturdy and durable, so I will have for a good long time!

The Purse Perfector comes in two sizes and a variety of colors. And it’s not just for purses! It can help keep your suitcase, diaper bag, briefcase, backpack, and gym bag organized too. It would make a great gift for busy professionals, frequent travelers, new moms, and anyone who wants to stay organized! Order yours now to ensure delivery by the holidays and use code HOLIDAYSHIP2015 for free shipping! (If you happen to win after you order, your purchase price will be refunded.)

This giveaway runs from Tuesday, December 1st through Monday, December 7, 2015. Contest is open to United States residents age 18 and up. Winners will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to claim their prize, otherwise another winner will be chosen. Disclosure: I (Christine Luken) was given a Purse Perfector to sample and compensated for organizing this giveaway. This is no way impacts my review, as all opinions are my own.

Who is on your holiday shopping list who would love a Purse Perfector?

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Apps and Tips to Organize for the Holidays

Organize for Holidays


It’s that time of year! Plastic Santa Clauses decorate lawns, stores blare Christmas carols, and commercials remind you that your dearest friends and family need the newest gadget. It’s holiday time, a time of joy, but also one of the most stressful times of the year. You can avoid some of the personal stress by ensuring you have an organized holiday season. Wow your friends, amaze your co-workers, and make your family wonder how you do it all! By prioritizing a few tasks, you will breeze through this holiday season with time and energy to enjoy it, not just survive!



This time of year is so stressful because of all the events you must attend. School, work, organizations, family, and friends all want to get together to celebrate. It’s exciting and enjoyable, but also a scheduling nightmare! Tackle this area first. Post a calendar in an obvious location, visible to all members of your house. Begin by marking down the most important events. For example, Christmas morning at home with the kids or the arrival of out of town guests should be written in pen. Once you schedule the must attend events, you can focus on fitting in others. Think about color-coding events for large families. Use one color for each kid, one for the entire family and one for just mom and dad. Once you know all of your commitments, you can focus on what you need to bring to each one.


Gift Giving

Next, organize the complex task of gift giving. Make a list of every person for whom you would like to purchase a gift, and set a budget. Your overall holiday budget should include gifts, cards, postage, decorations, clothing, and food. Once you decide how much of the budget is dedicated to gifts, assign individual amounts to each person. You will need help to keep track of what has been bought, wrapped, and shipped! Check out some of the gift buying apps available. Most of them allow you to track if you are over or under budget, gift ideas, what you have left to buy, and even if the item has been shipped. If possible, shop online in small spurts instead of marathon shopping. Keep a list of two to three items and purchase them when you have a few minutes of wait time. Also, set up a wrapping station somewhere in your house so you can wrap presents as soon as you get home. Consider wrapping each location’s gifts in a different paper so you can quickly grab and go and keep things organized.



The final aspect to attack is cooking. Aim to clean and reorganize your kitchen a month before the holiday craziness begins. Take inventory of commonly used ingredients and purchase extras at a big box store to eliminate trips to the store. Also, buy a few pre-made items, such as cookie dough, to have on hand in case of an emergency. Bake and freeze items ahead of time. Wrap them well, with clear instructions on how they need to be prepared before serving. Consider having a potluck style dinner. Ask guests to bring side dishes and desserts. You’ll end up with a great variety, something everyone likes, and less work for you!
With a little organization, the holidays can be an enjoyable time to spend with family. Don’t spend it frantically running around trying to accomplish everything at the last minute! Remember to take care of yourself. Write down your plans and go to sleep knowing everything is handled. Ask for help! Even the smallest helpers can stir cookies or hand you tape. Involve those closest to you to create memories before the real events even start.


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