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Graduation Party Ideas – Decorations, Themes, Signs and more!

GraduationYour child’s graduation day is a very important event – make sure to celebrate in style and in a way they’ll remember! Graduation parties are the capstones of the high school experience, and throwing a unique and memorable one will give your child and their friends happy memories for years to come. Here are some of the top creative ideas to throw a graduation party for your child:


– Buy or make a frame in the style of an instant photo! The border of an instant photo was once a ubiquitous feature of any party or celebration, and it’s back in style again now. Pick up a large sheet of poster board and cut a square in the center of it to give your child and their friends a unique prop for group pictures that’s clever and fun.


– Put the group’s cold drinks in a kiddie pool! The bright color and festive feel of the ice-filled kiddie pool helps your party evoke images of a college party, giving your child and their friends something to talk about and look forward to. Even better, you’ll be there to keep any alcohol out of the drink selection, instead focusing on hydrating sports drinks and tasty sodas.


– Use an old briefcase or suitcase for cards! This is a stylish conversation piece that can help keep sweet thoughts from blowing away in the wind – and inspire a few compliments on the way. Make sure it’s in presentable condition and you’ve got a fun, retro, and cheap piece for the party.


– Have separate and clearly marked trash and recycle bins! Okay, this one’s a little less fun and a little more practical, but you’ll be glad you did it at the end of the party – help minimize the mess and effort of cleanup by making signs clearly showing where trash should go and where recycling should go. It may seem like a no-brainer now, but it’s a step that all too often gets lost in the planning and setup process.


– Hang a customized banner with a congratulations message! Whether it’s propped up and blowing in the wind or set up on the ground for friends and family to write encouraging messages on, a large sign or banner can help separate your party from the normal routine. Pick one out that matches your child’s favorite color of favorite style and you’ll have a delightful and memorable centerpiece to the party.


– Keep in mind the graduation theme! There are several ways to spruce up food and make it look like diplomas, graduation caps, and more, from tying ribbons around cylindrical cookies to placing flat, square chocolates on top of round ones to look like a cap. This helps maintain the atmosphere of a graduation party, and it’s an excellent way to help set the day up as a truly special event!


No matter what style your decorations end up being, your child’s graduation party is a chance to celebrate their accomplishments and help see them off into the next stage of their life. Take some time in preparations for the party and you’re bound to end up with a fun event and quite a few happy memories, as well as pictures and keepsakes to reminisce over. Whether it be tangible items to share or just the thought of throwing a party for your child’s special day, some forethought and planning going into a graduation party can make all the difference and create some sweet, lasting memories. Start planning, discussing, and thinking about themes and ideas today and you’ll be sure to see the benefit!



This guest post contribution is courtesy of SignMission, a Florida based sign and banner company. Signmission manufactures signs in the U.S. ranging from vinyl banners to aluminum signs to hot chocolate vinyl banners.