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I LOVE THIS SITE AND GIVE IT 5 STAR FOR SURE! Hey all! I have been using Paribus for a couple months now. I, like many do a lot of shopping on Amazon and Paribus keeps track of the prices of everything you buy and if they price drops within 30 days of your purchase it automatically send and email to get a refund for the difference from Amazon. You no longer have to worry about if they price is going to drop and if you should wait to buy. Sign up buy now and let Paribus keep an eye on the price. I personally saved $36.00 in 2016 and $20 in 2017. Friends don’t let friends overpay!┬áIt’s shocking how often stores owe you money. Paribus gets you paid every time. Some have saved $500+ without lifting a finger. Trusted by 25,000+ members you’d be crazy not to sign up!!