Newman’s Own Organics Premium Pet Food Giveaway

Are you someone who loves to enter giveaways? If so, we think you will love this unique giveaway event. In the 30 Days of Giveaway Events, we will be running a new giveaway each day, with prizes ranging from $50 – $400 in value! With something fun and new each day, you are more likely to find new products that are perfect for you!

30 Days of Giveaways
Day 30:  Newman’s Own Organics Premium Dog or Cat Food
Do you have a dog or a cat, or several?  Are they fussy eaters and do you worry about them getting the proper nutrients?  Newman’s Own has come up with the perfect blends of pet foods available. The ingredients contained in these pet foods are organic, contain no GMOs, are cooked at low temperatures to retain important nutrients and contain no chemical preservatives.
Newman’s Own was started by actor Paul Newman and author A.E. Hotchner in 1982.  They began with a homemade salad dressing that the two prepared and gave to friends as gifts.  It was such a hit that they began selling it.  In 1993, Newman’s daughter Nell Newman founded Newman’s Own Organics as a division of the company, which later became a separate company in 2001.  Newman’s Own Organics only produces organic foods.

Would your pet like to try some of Newman’s Own Organics products? They are providing an amazing prize pack for dog or cat owners — your choice!  To enter, make sure to read the rules below and then enter through the Rafflecopter. [Read more…]