Just Me

Hi there not good at this but here I go! Hi my name is Elizabeth, but I go by Beth and I am a mom of four children living in Collinsville, Illinois. Three boys and one girl. My girl is my oldest and they range from 17, 14, 9 and 8. We also have a cat named Halo who is six years old and a dog named Zeus who is three and Hera who is two and Hercules who is one and a cockatiel named Pickachu. I know I am one busy bee and I think I must thrive on crazy because of everything I have to deal with. Thankfully COFFEE was invented to keep me going throughout these busy days! Also married to a wonderful man he is smart, handsome, and well everything you can want in a guy and he deals with me. During the day I work part-time in our school district for a few hours and get to see one of my kiddo’s. I always call him the coolest kid in school because he is the only one rocking the wheelchair. That being said, I have a lot to take care of and when I wasn’t able to get out of the house and I tried saving any way I could. I still felt that I wasn’t doing enough around the house money wise so I started looking online for coupons to help save us money. By means I was NO Extreme couponer and I had no tricks up my sleeves that haven’t already been done. Let’s face it having kids and pets are not cheap and everything is going up in price. So, I am always looking for deals and ways to save and earn some cash by doing online surveys and such. I hope to go back to school to continue my medical career once the kids get older and I can have someone help for my son who has Cerebral Palsy. I will be busy, but it will be well worth it and I will continue to share anything I find and hope you all will enjoy what I can bring to you. I started this website because I was excited to share everything I got and found and thought why not let others know too. I am still playing the lottery hoping to be a billionaire and you know what I would still be cutting those coupons 🙂 I enjoy music of all kinds, coffee, family, movies, and games. I also am very laid-back and get along with everyone. Just enjoying life day by day. So I will stop blabbing and hope you enjoy the site. Did I mention we are on Facebook and Twitter too!


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank You