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NuMe Lustrum Review


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This is how my story begins about a girl who never curled her hair. Yup that was me! I have coal black hair that is thick and strait as a board. Only volume that my hair could contain is when it would frizz up in the rain and that look was not good. From what I was told since I had my first perm at the age of six was that my hair would not hold a curl. I literally woke up with straight hair afterwards the next day and apparently the perm was done right. I am so tired of flat hair and thankfully NuMe and I crossed paths. I love that they had so many options when it came to styling hair. Of course I wanted the big kahuna, the package that had it all. Well after all I had never had my hair curled before so I just didn’t want to try one style, I wanted them all. For me the Lustrum had it all even though there is another set with more rods, but for me this was my fresh new start on great hair. Silly as it sounds I was intimidate at first being new to this and all. The Lustrum set came with a really nice leather carrying case that has individual slots for each rod, glove, and handle. The rods were easy to assemble and stick into place and with the flip of the power switch I was ready to begin. Now what? As I start to do my first curl I burnt my hand. Yes, remember that glove that comes with the set? Use it Beth! Once, my glove was one I was ready to curl! I was impressed on how fast my hair curled, yes it actually held a curl. Oh was I excited so I kept going and once I was done it looked pretty good even though I need more practice. My hair didn’t singe or break off and looked very shiny and had some great curls. I wore the curls all day until my hair washed that evening. I had used no hair products that day either and it was rainy, windy and even snowed that day and my hair still looked good. So, the moral of my story is that my hair does curl and I wish I would had done it sooner! I really have to say I am loving this company because their product’s work and not only do the work they work well and fast, but with little to no effort. Thank you NuMe for making an all new me! You can have great looking hair in less time that going to a salon and cost a lot less over time too. NuMe also has hair straighteners, Dryers and all types of hair accessories even hair chalk. These would truly make great gifts as well.

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The Lustrum set includes the 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm curling wands, the Reverse wand, and the Pearl wand. Your hair can take on a new look every day of the week. Use the 19mm for tight waves, ringlets and vintage-inspired curls. The 25mm is the most popular-sized barrel for full, bouncy curls and beach waves. For long waves and loose curls on longer hair, reach for the 32mm. The Reverse wand makes beautiful mermaid waves your reality, and the Pearl is the most sought after for natural-looking curls in alternating widths, a must-have for stunning and unique styles. An ergonomic design allows for ease-of-use and the high-powered, advanced heating mechanism reaches a max temperature of 410º within seconds. A sleek carrying case houses all 5 barrels, base, and heat-resistant glove. Tourmaline-infused ceramic coated barrels provide precise, gentle styling to overworked or damaged hair. Each barrel will heat to an ideal styling temperature of 410º. Renewed hair health is achieved through cutting edge infrared heat technology and negative ion therapy.

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More about NuMe:

NuMe is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative hair and beauty brands. Salon grade products range from hair straighteners and curling wands to styling sets and personal hair care items. As a result of its high regard within the beauty industry, NuMe has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Allure and on television shows such as Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, and The Today Show.

Having revolutionized the hair industry with the clipless curling wand, NuMe has continued to pioneer its way in the beauty industry with innovative styling tools and products, making gorgeous hair a reality for women around the world.

Defining and reevaluating what it means to be a socially conscious, empowering beauty brand, NuMe was created with a vision to inspire young women to feel confident about who they are. As a beauty brand loving pretty locks, makeup, and all things pink, it is our true passion for empowering and make a difference in the lives of women in ways that go far beyond physical appearance.

Through partnerships with various charities, such as Girls Inc., which specializes in the education of opportunity for underprivileged girls, the future of young women can be placed at a turning point, by equipping them with the confidence and necessary tools to take on the world.

Acknowledgment of how traditional cosmetic companies have sold products in the past, by impressing unrealistic images of beauty on young girls. NuMe’s passion for being intentional about the messages it delivers is rivaled by its high regard for using globally conscious materials, never testing on animals, and giving back. NuMe strives for change that makes the world a better place for all.

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