Save up to 60% off LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs

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Deal of the Day: Save up to 60% off LED Light BulbsĀ for 3/26/2015 only!

Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at “You want people to think you’re really smart? Stand under one of these light bulbs and rig up a hidden on/off switch. Then, every so often, announce that you have a great idea and click it on. The only down side is that you’re going to have to come up with some really good ideas, otherwise you’re just going to look silly. But hey, all great art is born from suffering, or something like that.”
$22.99 – $35.99

These high-quality, cost-saving LED bulbs are excellent in energy reduction and are perfect for the home, garage, or any other area that requires a reliable and efficient light source.

This exclusive offer from Woot is good today only and while supplies last.