What Are You worth?

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Have you ever gotten injured on the job or know someones that has?

Even if you do your job by the book accidents still can happen that are out of your control.

Either it be an office, trucking, construction or even a cleaning job you could possibly get injured while working. It is scary to think what would happen if these accidents occurred? How bad are the accidents and did we cause it, then you start to think how will this accident effect my overall life? Will you still be able to work and provide for your family? I mean the list goes on from the severity of the injury and the over all cost of it. Not to mention if you need medical care and the cost of medical care is on the rise and insurance only pays so much.


Like the image above. What happens if she ends up losing her hand because she slipped on the floor? Could it be prevented? Yes! WAS this her fault she slipped? We do not know. Think of all the medical cost she will need and in the long run have nerve damage or possibly loose the hand due to infection. Thing is you never know. Will your employer cover all the cost when you are hurt on the job? It irritates me that even if you do everything by the book accidents still will occur and if you are affected by it most of the time you don’t get the help you need. I sound this cool infographic on what “they” think your body is worth when the unthinkable happens! Check it out here. Let me know what you think? I think “WE” be way more valuable than that!




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