Send The Perfect eGift With Gift Cards

Personally I would rather have a gift card. I love gift cards it allows me to purchase what ever I want and get it when I want. I do enjoy gifts as well. Some people may think going and giving gift cards are a cheap way out from actually taking the time to find that perfect present or it doesn’t seem to personal enough.  Then you will worry….do they really like that gift? Gift cards to me are the way to go in my book and truthfully most people would rather have a gift card or cash. GoWallet is a mobile and online service that allows you to purchase and store your gift cards and soon exchange them for FREE so sign up.

Watch for discounts on gift cards from your favorite retailers and restaurants and think about buying a few. You can often get a big discount by buying them at the same time.
Buy gift cards at the grocery store and earn gas reward points to save as much as $1 a gallon on gas at major stations. Like this deal Safeway has right now that offers you 4X points when you buy gift cards there!

Got a gift card you didn’t use or don’t want? You can trade them in or exchange them at sites like  or sell them at a discount. How awesome is that?

Got a lot of gift cards and can’t keep track of them? Use to organize and track your balances, and even get discount offers.

Take a look at the infographic from Gowallet below  below to learn more. Enjoy!

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