What Does Your FitFluential Quiz Say?


As most of you know I started a new journey this year to get on a better track with my health and weight loss. I joined my very first gym and gained my very first trainer. This was a really huge step for me just to get out of the house and even work out in front of people I didn’t even know. So besides getting the outside support I started to look for it online as well. Within any work environment can be stressful by dealing with customers all day or sitting to long or maybe standing on your feet too much and did you skip your lunch break? Wellness Corporate Solutions has an online seminars that discuss how to deal with stress, nutrition and fitness but also help and encourage others to be well. I feel it is important to encourage those around you to live your life to the fullest and in a healthy way. You’d be surprised as to how much better your body feels and even your mood and attitude towards everything. I have been only going for about two months but each day I notice a change whether it’s the way I get out of bed from climbing the stairs. Each day is better and each day it gets easier! So get up and move! Take a walk or just dance around the house and I promise you won’t regret it! I also took a quiz on the Wellness Corporate Solutions website. I love little quizzes like these. Check out my results and let me know what you got too!

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Here was my results:


Fitness Champ

You’re a reigning fitness champ! You know considerably more about health and wellbeing than the average person and you make a point to educate those around you. Congrats on being an ambassador for fitness! Keep it up!



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