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I admit, I don’t always give a lot of thought into what my kids are eating. There are days when we are so busy ripping and running here and there that I don’t have time to think, let alone worry about what they are shoving into their faces. I have been slowly trying to change their snacking and eating habits as a whole by switching over to healthy (or healthier) alternatives to their favorite go-to snacks and foods. Let me tell you – that is NOT an easy thing to do at times. Especially when your teenagers seem to live off of hot fries, cheeseburgers, gummy anything, milkshakes and soda.

What I can control; however, is what they snack on at home. So I was absolutely thrilled to be able to partner with Ferrara Candy Company to try their Black Forest Organics line of candy and see what the boys thought of them. But first, let me introduce you to the mascots of the Black Forest Organics line, The Organics.

Meet the Organics

These four are the stars of the Real Gummies of The Black Forest. This privileged family of gummy bears is certified organic and certifiably delicious. Small in stature and full of ‘tude, they keep it so real, they just had to get their own reality show. After all, a family with this much natural flavor deserves to be famous.

Mr. Organic Mrs. Organic Junior Organic Sis Organic

You have GOT to stop what you are doing and go check out the videos here. OMG too cute for words!

black forest organic candy

The Black Forest Organic Line

Ferrara expanded its Black Forest Organic line to address what we – the consumers – wanted. The original line consisted of:

  • Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears
  • Black Forest Organic Gummy Worms
  • Black Forest Organic Gummy Cherries

They have expanded the Black Forest Organic family which now also includes:

  • Black Forest Organic Sour Heads
  • Black Forest Organic Fruity Chews
  • Black Forest Organic Candy Drops
  • Black Forest Organic Caramel Hard Candies

Hubby loved the candy drops because he could throw them in his pocket and didn’t have to worry about them melting during the day while he was working. The teenagers went cray-cray over the gummies and the sour heads, and my personal favorites were the fruity chews and the candy drops. I also loved the caramel hard candies and have been hoarding those. Just saying. And yes, I am going to toot a horn here for a moment.

Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears were named America’s Best Tasting Gummy Bear in a national taste test.

black forest organic candy

Snacking Certified USDA Organic

I love that the entire Black Forest Organic line is certified USDA Organic. What does that mean to you? The USDA Organic seal means that the candy contains at least 95% organic ingredients and is made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides and GMOs. It also means that the candy is made in its own dedicated manufacturing line to prohibit the co-mingling with non-organic products, is gluten free and fat free, with no artificial flavors and colors come from natural sources like carrots, turmeric and red beets. (giggles, gotta get those veggies in the kids one way or another!)

You can find a local retailer near you by using the product locator on the website. Black Forest Organics are also available on The candies come in 4-ounce or 6-ounce bags. The 4-ounce candies retail around $1.29 to $1.99 a pack – definitely affordable snacking!

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One lucky winner is going to have the chance to win a case of each candy in the Black Forest Organics line from Ferrara Candy Company! Estimated prize package value is over $250!

Talk about gummy bear heaven! What would you do with all those gummies if you won!?

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