My LikeBook Review

UPDATE They changed the name from Like Book to My Social BookMy Likebook

I recently had the opportunity to review a book from Likebook. I must say this was a pretty cool review. My Like Book is pretty much a book about your Facebook life.  It was really easy to set up. You just allowed their app to connect to your Facebook account. First you start off by choosing who the book will be about and if it will be about your personal page, fan page, or a special group you may be in. Second you will start of by choosing your time line on how far you want the book to go back such a one year or three but it only goes back as far as 2007.  Next step is to choose if you want your book to display Statuses, Wall posts, Profile pictures, Mobile uploads, Wall photos and album photos. and after all that is done you have the option to allow comments and how many to display in your book and if you want it in English or another language. Then the last step is to make your book cover you have seven colors to choose from and you have the option to have the hardback cover or paperback version. Then allow it to load 100% and check out! It really is easy to do and I had fun making it as well. My LikeBook was at a $60 value with about a 140 pages and I shared almost every album I had. I feel like it is the end of the year and this book is my Facebook yearbook and I need all my friends to sign it . Over all this is a fun way to capture all those silly or special moments on paper and I really am pleased as to how my book turned out even my husband thought it was really neat and coming from him that is a good thing! 🙂

It is all the buzz and you can read more about it here. Start your Like book today and get 10% off you order by clicking here.

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