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Dash & Dot

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Play and learn with the Wonder Workshop, who believes that every child should be empowered to question, think and create. They want to encourage them to be curious and to find their own joy in learning. Coding enables creativity. By learning to code, kids are becoming shapers of their own world. PSSST! Dash & Dot are even fun for adults!


Dash and Dot are introducing new ways to play and learn. Kids are able to define how they want to play. Whether your child is into having made-believe tea parties, building elaborate forts, or adventuring with friends, Dash & Dot will be there every step of the way.


Gone are the days of floppy disks to learn on now we need to make way for the way of apps to help our children learn. As mothers we want to give our children the best there is to offer to help them learn. Then there is the thought of what give our children for Christmas it is hard to come up with items or toys that suit both older and younger children. Giving them items that will grow with them plus challenge all of them at their level or age takes a lot of thought. These adorable Robots work through the Bluetooth on the iPhone, iPad or Android.

These robots come in two different sizes, Dash is the big one that rolls around on wheels and Dot is a small stand alone one that can turn into a ball by taking him off his stand. To make these robots work you do need to add the FREE app to your phone and make sure that your Bluetooth is turned on. The robots work through a process called coding. Coding is where you are make programs for the robots to do different things, such as changing the light color, moving or even having them talk.

This app is ideal for children ages 8 and over. The app is called Wonder and when you open it up it connects to the robots and then away you go in the world of coding. There are a series challenges that are called quests and with each quest that the child finishes they get a little bit harder. They start out with the Scroll Quest and when they have mastered a few of the quests there your child can move onto Free Play. Free Play is where they can use what they learned in the Scroll Quest to make their own coding.
With this app you can make your own coding for the robots while they are off, then you can transfer the code to the robot and watch them at work. In this mode the child does not need to have the device in their hand that they used to make the code. With this app and these robots they will open the world of coding to your family in a fun way to grow in the ever changing world of technology.


One luck reader will win a Dash & Dot Robot Giveaway RV$229

Giveaway open to ages 18+ and residents of the United States only and ends 11/11/2015.

Enter for your chance in the widget below. Good Luck!

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