Cloud b Dragon Twilight Buddy Giveaway


I had the amazing chance to work with Cloud b dragon twilight buddy.

I really loved this little guy and not to mention so did my little one! She had her stuffy Roo (from Winnie the Pooh that she would carry around everywhere) and now she wont go anywhere without this little dragon! She loves everything about this little guy. He changes colors (blue, green and orange) and there’s even a button that makes it so that it will actually go from color to color! I can hear her at night forever saying what color it is and when it shuts off you hear her little feet running across her floor just so that she can turn it on again!

I truly love the fact that I know it in no way will hurt my child. The top will not overheat from the lights and if they drop it it will be find as well. Abigail LOVES how cuddly it is! She wants to sleep with it in her bed. She said that her dragon is her best friend!


Cloud b is one of the cutest companies I’ve personally seen in a very long time. Every little one should have one of these little guys! And to be honest I have a tranquil turtle in my room and it helps me have a deeper and more relaxing sleep!

One of Purple Monster Coupons Canadian fans has the chance to Win the same little dragon that I reviewed!
Open to CAN 18+ and ends on July 2, 2014

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