Ants and Spiders and Bugs Oh My!

Oh boy it is that time again for all the creepy crawlies to come back out and invade our houses. Last year we had a ant problem and it all started with one who found a piece of cat food in our pantry. They were coming from the door and some how through our windows . I got down on my hands a knees to try to scrub there trail away and even mopped. My cats are not the cleanest eaters and unfortunately all my hard efforts didn’t work. I found some useful information from  Moxie Pest Control as you see the image below. Who knew that there was so much to an ant? I mean I knew they could carry more than their weight but WOW! Spiders we may have to leave that for another time but, we know we don’t like them and most of them are dangerously icky! This year I am getting prepared and hope you are too!

Ants Graphic by Moxie Pest Control