Golden Blossom Honey Review

Golden Blossom Honey

Honey is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers. I prefer to call it “liquid gold” because it truly is nature at its best. I almost feel bad because it takes a long time for a honeybee to make the honey and they also need some to survive during the winter months. We should appreciate honeybees for their honey and pollination services because the really do make our world go round! Did you know that all bottled honey are not the same? The taste and texture of the honey will differ by location, climate and even flower or crop that the bee is pollinating. There are so many beneficial uses for honey. Honey contains vitamins and antioxidants and can be used in so many ways and just about everything these days either call for honey or honey is already added.

Golden Blossom Honey


Golden Blossom Honey






Pollination Planet











Golden Blossom Honey – Genuine Natural Pure Honey Is made in the United States and is made of a sweet combination of a few flowers  “three types of honey” to give it a light golden color similar to apple juice. The texture is very fine and smooth and at a medium consistency. Very sweet, but not over powering and would be wonderful on biscuits, oatmeal, Greek yogurt and a sweet honey glaze for that holiday ham. Not sure on what you can make Golden Blossom Honey has a large variety of recipes and so far this one is our favorite (Roasted Potatoes). I look forward to trying most if not all of these recipes in the future.

Golden Blossom Organic White Forest Honey is a blend of organic honeys sourced from Brazil. Perfect for baking or in your cup of tea, we’re sure you will agree that Organic White Forest Honey is the tastiest organic honey there is! I must say I have tried a lot of honey in my day, but this on is new and it is wonderful! I truly completes a cup of tea whether it be hot or cold and I think I would prefer to use it for such. The White Forest Honey is much darker tone in the color amber with a fair consistency as well. It is very sweet at first, but then hits me with a bit of dryness or woodsy flavor. It really is the perfect blend. Also, Golden Blossom Honey teamed up with Pollination Planet and portion of proceeds go to them!

Honey has a wonderful shelf life and can be store for years if properly sealed.


Golden Blossom Honey and Greek Yogurt



So if you like honey as much as I do you can find tons of things it can be use for such as; facials, shampoos, cold remedies, sooth burns and baking! Bee-warned honey maybe tempting to eat!


Keep an eye out for your chance to try Golden Blossom Honey for yourself plus a few extras!

More about Golden Blossom Honey:


Family Owned and Operated since 1921

In 1921, the late John G. Paton founded a bulk honey company in northern California and decided to give it his own name. After several years of operation on the west coast, Mr. Paton moved the business to New York in order to take advantage of the prosperous marketplaces of the northeast. John H. Paton, son of the founder, joined the company in 1929 and created the GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY blend two years later. In 1932, the GOLDEN BLOSSOM brand was introduced to the public. Through advertising and promotion far ahead of its time, GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY became a household name with market share reaching over 60 percent in the metropolitan New York market in just a few short years. Consumers have long recognized the green and gold label, unchanged for generations, as a symbol of quality. GOLDEN BLOSSOM is composed of three honeys; extra-white clover, sage buckwheat and orange blossom. This unique blend gives GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY a distinct flavor, color and fragrance possessed by no other brand. GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY is a product of the U.S.A. and comes entirely from U.S. beekeepers, who receive a bonus from John Paton, Inc. for the high quality honey that they provide. All GOLDEN BLOSSOM items are packed in accordance with the standards set forth by the Orthodox Union with the 24 ounce size also packed Kosher for Passover. GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY has expanded its distribution over the years, and despite being a regional operation, is the # 2 ranked brand nationally according to both IRI and Neilsen data sources.  John Paton, Inc. is a family owned and operated company.

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“Bee” sure to keep an eye out for Golden Blossom Honey at your local grocery stores.

This was brought to you by and Golden Blossom Honey. This review was written solely by MumbleBeeInc. This item(s) was provided complimentary to MumbleBeeInc for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for my personal opinion of the product(s) contained in this review. All opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

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HaHa Hoodies™ Review

So, if you have not noticed yet I have a thing for bees. Anything bee related from their sweet nectar, waxes, trinkets and clothing. These hoodies are unique and fun to wear out to trick or treat, party or just your everyday hoodie if you choose. Can you guess what hoodie I chose? I chose the Bumble Bee hoodie. Once I received my HaHa Hoodies™  in the mail, I ripped open the package in excitement to try it on. I chose an X-Large because I like the extra room and comfort and it fit perfectly and I have extra room to move. I have to say this is the cutest hoodie I have ever laid my eyes upon. The fabric is soft and warm and perfect for the fall weather we are starting to get. I also will wear this out to trick or treat in and each day that it is a bit chilly. I truly adore this hoodie and cannot wait to wear it out around the town! They also have a wide variety of hoodies to choose from for adults and children for all ages. These hoodies also make great gifts for that special someone in your life. These will definitely make you stand out in the crowd and everyone will be asking where did you get that!? So go check them out and tell me what hoodie is your favorite!

  • 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Machine wash cold with like colors and line dry
  • HaHa Hoodies™ are simple costume alternatives that are funny and can be worn year-round
  • One piece zipper front closure, long sleeves, two front patch pockets, rib knit cuffs, and waistband






More About HaHa Hoodies™:

HaHa Hoodies™ is the brainchild of Robert Berman.  In 1992, Robert created the first Rasta hat with attached wool dreadlocks and started Rasta Imposta.  The hat was a fun, simple and easy way to get dressed up for Halloween or for any other occasion.  The Rasta hat started a trend in souvenir, novelty, and costume shops all over the world and is still one of the most popular novelty hats ever made. This idea that consumers liked the ease of wearing a comfortable hat with their own clothes to create a look and transform in to a character, is also the same philosophy that inspires the wildly successful HaHa Hoodies™ line. HaHa Hoodies™ combines apparel quality sweatshirt materials that are soft, comfortable, and washable with the added surprise that turns the wearer into the animal, object or character.  Whether young or old, our goal is to help let your imagination run wild, and for you to get your laugh on in a HaHa Hoodie™!

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This review was written solely by MumbleBeeInc. This item(s) was provided complimentary to MumbleBeeInc for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for my personal opinion of the product(s) contained in this review. All opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

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Savannah Bee Company Review


I must say this is the sweetest review I have ever done so far! Thanks to Savannah Bee Company for supplying these wonderful items and taking care of those wonderful bees. As you know, I am extremely fond of bees and a lot of people ask me how I got the name MumbleBee. The name was given to me by my husband who said I mumbled too much and he couldn’t hear me and I sounded like a bee.  He had his laughs of course and then he started to call me MumbleBee. Therefore, the name stuck beyond the name I was always fond of the honeybees and their golden nectar and was never frightened by them. The bees make the world go round! The items in the box was packed beautifully and wrapped up to keep them safe while in transportation. First thing I unpacked was the Savannah Bee Honey Shortbread Cookie Bite Set in the set was Sourwood Honey, Orange Blossom Honey and Tupelo Honey shortbread cookie bites. They are all amazing, but I really favored the sourwood the most and best of it all, all natural ingredients! Those little cookie bites are so addicting I had to limit myself. Next item I grabbed was their new line of honey “Spun Cinnamon Honey“. WOW, This was beyond what my taste-buds ever imagined! I have eaten it by itself and on a honey wheat bagels and waffles so far. The cinnamon is so Prominent that without looking at the label you would know there was cinnamon in it by just tasting or even smelling. Last item that I pulled from the box was COFFEE, but not just any coffee! It was Organic Honey Roasted Coffee Ground finely ground and the taste was bold, smooth, but a sharp taste. I just added a bit of creamer and one sweetener pack. All these items make great for any occasion at any time of the day. I cannot wait to try more of the cinnamon honey in my coffee tomorrow and find new ways to use it in my everyday foods. I think everyone should have a little honey in their everyday lives. Makes the day that much sweeter plus it has so many health benefits! I give Savannah Bee Company a 5 BEE rating on all of these items that was reviewed here at the hive. Simply outstanding products and company. Here are some images used during this review.

ScreenHunter_506 Mar. 20 20.23






More about Savannah Bee Company:

“Savannah Bee Company grew out of my passion for bees, beekeeping and honey. Our specialty honey is the culmination of a 35 year search for the world’s best. Our beauty products deliver real benefits derived from treasured hive ingredients– beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, and honey. Ask for our products in a store near you or stop by anytime at”


Ted Dennard is the founder, President and head beekeeper for Savannah Bee Company. An elderly beekeeper, Roy Hightower, sparked young Ted’s journey in the magical world of bees and honey and it’s been 35 years of it ever since. Ted backed into business in 1999 when his friend opened a store in Savannah and began selling his tupelo honey. Ted’s passionate about sharing the world of bees with others and introducing new honeybee products to market. He loves his family and surfs when he can.

TED Beekeeper/Owner

We strive to live as bees live: symbiotically with nature and in a manner that contributes positively to the world around us. We continually improve the ways in which we operate for our customers, the environment and each other. We have fun while helping this company grow. Our talented team is of varied backgrounds which helps enrich us all and adds balance so we can take on the diverse work needed to make a great company. Read more.



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This review was written solely by MumbleBeeInc. This item(s) was provided complimentary to MumbleBeeInc for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for my personal opinion of the product(s) contained in this review. All opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

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The Mystery of the Disappearing Bees

In late 2006, North American beekeepers witnessed a mysterious phenomenon: in certain colonies, adult bees abruptly vanished, leaving the queen and her brood in an otherwise deserted hive.

This syndrome, known as “Colony Collapse Disorder,” focused international attention on honey bee populations, which have been declining since the 1990s.

Today, scientists and beekeepers theorize that honey bee decline is caused by a combination of factors, including pathogens, loss of crop diversity and increased exposure to systemic pesticides.

Where would we be without Bees?

The lives of bees and humans are intricately linked. More than 100 types of crops in the US are pollinated by bees, from almonds to zucchini. Bees are vital to the reproduction of clover and alfalfa, which feed grazing animals, and to the diverse ecosystems that sustain wildlife.

Throughout human history, bees have been revered for their precision, productivity and communal intelligence…not to mention honey, beeswax, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly. Egyptian pharaohs inscribed images of bees on royal seals. In Greek mythology, bees were associated with deities and divination. [Read more…]