Litter Robot Review and Giveaway

I had the opportunity to review this product called  LITTER-ROBOT II BUBBLE UNIT  from Litter Robot

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So I received this big box and on the side shows the

 Automatic Self Cleaning Robot Litter Box

The box was easy to open and everything was very neatly packed in the box and several pamphlets to go along with it and a AC adapter to plug into an outlet.

The assembleing process was too easy Everything comes preassembled except the dome and all you had to do was place the dome on top of the base and wahlaa  you were done.

So  now it was time to fill it with litter we just put about four big plastic cups in the front entrance of the Litter Robot there also was a fill line and if you put more it will slowly dump the excess litter in the bottom tray.

So now it is time to test this machine out! We have three cats Merlin who is about thirteen years old, Bee who is about eight years old, and Halo who is will be two in February. So we were originally using two litter boxes, we removed one of them and replaced it with the Litter Robot. Within an hour Halo was the first to try it out and she used it then  jumped out. It has a seven minute wait after the cat uses it then it will cycle and dump the waste in the bin below. Every time it started to cycle Halo would step up on the step and peek in “Like what is this thing doing” Luckily it has a sensor that when another cat would step on to the step it stops the cycle then so there won’t be no cats flopping around like a tumble weed.You will need a cat of five pounds or more to trigger the sensor so if you have a kitten may not be the best option as of now till he/she gets older. It has been little over 2 weeks since I have had the Litter Robot and I am extremely happy with it and it keeps the smell down to where you wouldn’t know you had a cat unless you seen it. The older cats don’t care to try to use it just the little one that is her permanent box but I hope the others will soon follow her lead.

Here are some photos that had been taken during the review


Here is some more information on Litter Robot:

Clear ‘Skylight/Bubble’ type window mounted in Globe expands front to back depth by 3 inches and adds natural light to the litter chamber. Great for larger cats.

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