Programs of all kinds which I personally use and are SAFE which is very important to me. I know they won't steal my information or charge me for no reason and earn some extra cash :)



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YES they are back and better than ever!

Currently open to the United States and Canadian residents only and it is by invite only!

So what are you waiting for go push that button!!


  • What is RewardShopping?
    RewardShopping is a community of enthusiastic influencers who earn RewardShopping that can be redeemed for amazing prizes when they search, shop, share, comment, advocate and inform using the forums provided at
  • Who can become a RewardShopping Member?
    RewardShopping is a members-only community but anyone in the United States can become a member by being sponsored by another member.  There is no fee to join.
  • How can I become a RewardShopping member?
    RewardShopping is a members only site, where admittance is determined by other members.  There are two ways to gain access.  The first is to request an invite on the site.  Then you will be added to a sponsorship queue, and other current members can choose to sponsor you.  The other way is to simply get a referral link from a current member.
  • Does joining RewardShopping cost anything?
    Nope!  You can join RewardShopping for free!
  • What are RewardShopping?
    RewardShopping™ are our virtual reward currency that can be redeemed for real-world prizes.
  • What kinds of rewards are available?
    RewardShopping is the site with the best Rewards!  The rewards you can access to are determined by your XP Level and the number of RewardShopping you have accumulated.  the Rewards themselves range from small items like bouncy balls and sun glasses all the way up to appliances, cars (even a Lamborghini) and a $2 million dream home!

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Tapbooty: Earn Free Cash & Gift Cards

Play Games & Earn Rewards
With Tapbooty Now

Here’s how Tapbooty works:

1. Visit from your Apple or Android device

2. Earn Booty Coins by installing free apps or completing offers

3. Play Tapbooty games & win to convert Booty Coins to rewards, like PayPal cash, Gift Cards, and Facebook Gift Cards

Good luck & have fun!

Tapbooty rewards you with cash & gift cards when you try free apps and win social games! Earn Booty Coins by installing free apps, and then win social games to convert Booty Coins to real-world rewards, such as Gift Cards* and PayPal cash.

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Points2Shop has over 5 million members who complete surveys, offers, watch videos, complete tasks, download apps etc. and members earn points (that can be redeemed through amazon or gift cards) or cash (PayPal etc.). Our site is especially interesting for SAHM, college students etc. who are looking for a way to make additional money. We pay our referrers up to $1.50 for every qualified referred member from the US, UK or Canada. You also earn additional money, if your referrals complete offers (a percentage of that).

ScreenHunter_1448 Aug. 08 11.21

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ZoomBucks allow users to earn points by searching, completing surveys & tasks, reading daily content, watching videos, referring friends and more. Every transaction performed allows users to earn points and cash out for gift cards & physical rewards. With ZoomBucks, users can earn points for doing things they already do online. Join today by visiting here.


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Introducing a Better Way to Shop

With Jingit you can earn cash instantly online, in-store, and on the go with participating brands. You’ll also receive personalized cash back offers when you shop with Jingit to earn even more.

  • Earn In-store

    The same content and earning that takes place online takes place on your smart phone or tablet. Plus, you can download our free app and earn even more by checking in at your favorite stores.

  • Cash Back Offers

    Purchase products and earn cash! With Jingit Offers, simply scan in the receipt of participating products and you’ll earn even more. Jingit, truly a better way to shop.

  • Earn Online

    Watch videos, give feedback, earn instant cash. It really is that easy. So any time you see an ad with the Jingit logo online — at Jingit or our partners’ sites — click on it! That ad pays you!

Who can join?

Anyone can join that meets the following requirements:

  • They have their own mobile phone with text messaging
  • They live in the United States
  • They must be at least 13 years old

What information do I need to register?

To begin earning money, you need to provide the following information:

  • A valid email address
  • A unique password

To begin spending your money, you will need to provide additional information:

  • Legal name, gender, and date of birth
  • The ZIP code of your permanent U.S. address
  • Your cell phone number, to receive a text message to confirm your account

Why do I need to have a valid email address?

Your email address is your username when you sign in. We require a verified email address for your security.

Why do I need to have text messaging?

Although we do not require text messaging to begin earning, we do require text messaging to begin spending. This minimizes security fraud and confirms that each account belongs to a unique person.

How do I spend the money earned through?

You can purchase eGift Cards or link your bank account.

Why should I link my bank account?

Linking your bank to your account is an easy way to collect your cash. Adding your bank account allows you to send your cash to your account whenever you would like.



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Cash Dazzle Spin and Win

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  1. is an easy, fun, rewarding, and addicting site that pays winners in real cash! Each month, awards real cash to thousands of lucky contestants.
  2. The exciting cash prizes at are made possible by the revenue we earn from our quality advertisers and sponsors.
  3. You are allowed to create one (1) account with Please follow our one account policy as creating more than one account is a violation of our terms.
  4. During your first five (5) daily visits to, you’ll get FREE tokens to play of our game by simply viewing a series of special offers from our quality advertisers and sponsors.
  5. When you are out of your free tokens, you can get more tokens by visiting the “Get More” section of the site. There you will see a long list of special offers, with each offering more tokens to play our games. Participation in the offers will yield the number of tokens associated with the offer. Be sure to read the details of each offer to ensure you understand what you MUST do with the offer to get your spins. That said, when you’ve completed an offer, your spins will become available in the “report time” associated with each offer.
  6. You may take any single offer only once. Taking offers multiple times is grounds for termination of your account and forfeit of any reward.
  7. Once your account balance has reached $20, you can request payment and will issue payment via check or VISA gift card within 4-6 weeks of your request.


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Signup for Swagbucks, Earn FREE Gift Cards to your favorite stores!



About is the web’s premier rewards site. Powered by Prodege LLC, allows web users to earn virtual currency by doing the things they do every day – search the web, shopping at their favorite retailers, and by engaging in other activities such as phone recycling, submitting polls, and completing special offers. is the only place on the web to get what you want without ever having to spend a dime.

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Inbox Dollars

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Get started earning money now for the things you do online anyway.

Buying offers, shopping deals, taking surveys, redeeming coupons, playing games, watching videos… and so much more.

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